Scripture Verse

Jesus washes all our sins away. 1 John 1:7


Words & Mu­sic: James D. Vaugh­an, 1904 (🔊 pdf nwc).

James D. Vaughan


Don’t you want to go to
That happy home on high?
Where the good shall meet,
Yes meet to part no more.
And shall live and reign
Far above the starry sky.
In that sunny clime
Upon the golden shore.


Don’t you want to go?
Don’t you want to go?
While we plead and pray,
Make the start today;
Jesus bids you come
To that happy home:
Don’t you want to go?
Don’t you want to go?

Think how many prayers
Have been offered up for you:
Often while you slept,
Dear mother’s tears did flow.
Turn and seek salvation,
O to her love be true.
While your friends are waiting,
Don’t you want to go?

Time is swiftly passing, and
Soon will close the gate.
Then your soul must sink
In everlasting woe;
Give your heart to Jesus,
For soon ’twill be too late.
Mother now is waiting,
Don’t you want to go?

Could you stand in judgment,
If you should die today?
All that you have written
You must face, you know.
Jesus now is pleading,
He’ll wash your sins away.
To that home in glory,
Don’t you want to go?