Let the children come to Me.@Matthew 19:14

H. W. Porter, in Heart and Voice, edited by William F. Sherwin (Cincinnati, Ohio: John Church, 1881), page 181.

Kobe James R. Murray, 1881 (🔊 pdf nwc).

James R. Murray (1841–1905)

In lands full of darkness across the blue wave,
Are many dear children the Lord died to save;
Who, reaching out hands from far over the sea,
Are pleading for light shining on us so free.

No kind Christian parents to show them the way,
To tell them of Jesus, to teach them to pray;
To lead them in pathways of wisdom and truth,
And teach them the love of our God in their youth.

No Bible to brighten their pathway of gloom,
No hope full of glory beyond the dark tomb;
No promise of God the sad soul to sustain,
No knowledge that death to the Christian is gain.

No Jesus, no Bible—how sad is the sight,
While here o’er our pathway the Gospel shines bright;
Lord, open our hearts to the poor children there,
To give them the Bible, our help, and our prayer.