…as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.@2 Timothy 2:3
James H. Fillmore, Sr. (1849–1936)

Jes­sie B. Pounds, in Grate­ful Praise (Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio: Fill­more Bro­thers, 1884), page 105.

Pon­te­ved­ra James H. Fill­more, Sr., 1887 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Jessie B. Pounds (1861–1921)

Dare to live for Jesus!
Dare to bravely stand,
Ready when He calls you,
Waiting His command.


Dare to show your colors!
Dare to own your king!
Dare to be a Christian!
Dare to serve and sing!

Dare to speak for Jesus!
Dare to show the way
From this land of shadows
To the land of day.


Dare to work for Jesus!
He has work for you,
Something for His service,
Something you can do.