He that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.@John 8:12
Philip S. Worsley (1831–1866)

Philip S. Worsley (1831–1866).

Dies Irae (Montreal), anonymous, in the Church Hymnal (Rouses Point, New York: John W. Lovell, 1877), number 535 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Day of anger, day of wonder,
When the world shall roll asunder
Quenched in fire and smoke and thunder.

O vast terror; wild heart-rending,
Of that hour when earth is ending,
And her jealous judge descending.

When the trumpet’s voice astoundeth,
Through earth’s sepulchers reboundeth,
Summons universal soundeth.

Death astonished, nature shaken,
Sees all creatures, as they waken,
To that dire tribunal taken.

Lo! the book, where all is hoarded,
Not a secret unrecorded;
Every doom is thence awarded.

So the Judge when He arraigneth,
Every hidden thing explaineth:
Nothing unavenged remaineth.

In that fiery revelation,
Where shall I make supplication,
When the just hath scarce salvation?

Fount of love, dread King supernal,
Freely given life eternal,
Save me from the pains infernal.

This forget not, sweet Life-giver,
Me Thou camest to deliver;
Cast me not away forever.