The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.@John 1:14

Lavinia E. Brauff, in Uplifted Voices, edited by Adam Geibel & R. Frank Lehman (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Adam Geibel Music Company, 1901), number 165.

Bydgoszcz Florence W. Williams, 1901 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Christ was once a little baby,
Just like you and me;
Born in Bethl’hem of Judea,
Far across the sea;
No room for the little Jesus
Could be found on earth:
And a stable dark and dreary
Was His place of birth.

Day by day this little Jesus
Grew like you and me:
Learned to lisp a prayer to Heaven
At His mother’s knee;
He was poor, but very happy,
Happy in God’s love:
Listening to His gentle guidance
Coming from above.

This is still the same dear Jesus
Of whose birth we sing;
O! ’tis sweet to tell the story
Of our newborn king;
Who was once a little baby
Just like you and me,
Born in Bethl’hem of Judea
Far across the sea.