Only believe.@Mark 5:36
John B. Peaslee (1842–1912)

John B. Peaslee, 1894.

Converted to Jesus was written for, and sung on, the occasion of my baptism and admission to membership in the Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church, of this city [Cincinnati, Ohio], in April, 1894. It was written to the tune of Portuguese Hymn, but a new tune has since been set to the words by George C. Kersey, of Kentucky…This was my first attempt in writing verse.

John Peaslee, Occasional Verses and Sacred Songs (Cincinnati, Ohio: Jennings & Graham, 1905), p. 186

Escoffier George C. Kersey, in Uplifting Songs, New and Old, edited by Charles C. Case & James R. Murray (Cincinnati, Ohio: John Church, 1896), number 120 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Converted to Jesus!
Oh, blessèd the day,
When the darkness of doubt
Was all banished away,
And joy in a new life
Of faith has begun
In works of devotion
To God and His Son.


Converted to Jesus,
Oh, blessèd the day,
When the darkness of doubt
Was all banished away.

Converted to Jesus!
Oh, precious the thought,
Obeying the truth
That our Savior has taught,
Of following Him
Who alone can us save
In land of immortals
Beyond the dark grave.


Converted to Jesus!
Oh, wondrous love
That centers our hopes
On the kingdom above,
And opens the way
To the heavenly home,
Where ransomed from sin
All believers shall come.


Converted to Jesus!
Oh, marvelous the deed,
Redemption through Christ
Of poor mortals in need—
Salvation is free
And is offered to all,
Who, trusting His promise,
On Jesus shall call.