Scripture Verse

Come unto Me. Matthew 11:28


Fanny Crosby

Words: Fan­ny Cros­by, in Up­lift­ing Songs, New and Old, ed­it­ed by Charles C. Case & James Mur­ray (Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio: John Church, 1896), num­ber 6. Some hym­nals give the au­thor as Mar­tha C. Ol­iv­er, one of Fan­ny’s pseu­do­nyms.

Music: James R. Mur­ray (🔊 pdf nwc).

James R. Murray


Sinner, list to Jesus’ call:
Come, oh, come home;
Offering pardon now to all—
Come, oh, come home.
Thou art sick—He offers healing.
Thou art blind—He gives the sight;
Trust His word, and round thee stealing
Soon will come the promised light.


Come, O sinner, hear Him calling,
Calling now so tenderly,
Offering pardon now to all,
Come to Jesus now.

He is ever at thy side,
Come, oh, come home;
Yield thy heart, and He will guide,
Come, oh, come home.
Where thy faltering steps are treading,
There the saints of old have trod,
’Tis contrition’s mazes threading
Leads the sinner up to God.


Look to Jesus now for aid,
Come, oh, come home;
Bear the burden on thee laid,
Come, oh, come home.
Follow Christ, who, meekly bending,
Bore thy cross up Calvary,
By the love, all love transcending
He will now thy refuge be.