Come and see.@John 1:46

Wilfried Rowntree, in Fairer Than Day (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: George C. Hugg, 1903), number 74.

Keepers Walter M. Keepers, Sr. (🔊 pdf nwc).

Have you found the loving Savior
Who redeems and saves from sin?
He is waiting to receive you;
Come, oh come, and enter in!


Come and see our dear Redeemer;
Come and see His wondrous love;
He will save from sin and keep you
All the way to Heav’n above.

Do you know His keeping power
As He saves you day by day?
Oh, abide in Jesus ever,
He will keep you all the way.


Do you know the joy of bringing
Others with you to His side,
There to share the peace He giveth,
There to be quite satisfied?