Well done, thou good and faithful servant…enter thou into the joy of thy lord.@Matthew 25:21
Scott Werdebaugh (1951)

Scott Werdebaugh, 2018 (🔊 pdf nwc).

This hymn is dedicated to my mother. God gave me the words and music to Come Away with Jesus very early one morning as I had been reflecting on the time she was on her deathbed at the local hospital. Weary and tired and full of pain, she summoned one by one each of my siblings to her bedside where she shared her heart individually with each of us. When she had finished, she was obviously overwhelmed with the pain, and was so tired and weary as she struggled to stay alive. I only wish I had been able to share this song with her as I believe it would have been of great comfort to her and her faith. She died shortly after. Now she is in Heaven, worshipping God. The hymn begins with Jesus’ words of comfort to her, followed by my words of affirming encouragement.

Dear one, you are weary and tired;
You gave Me your best and now need to rest.
Close your eyes and get some sleep;
It is now time to sleep and rest upon My breast.

Jesus is waiting, He’s reaching for you;
His arms are open wide,
To carry you to the other side.
Jesus wants you to see our dear Father.
Jehovah, our Heavenly Father.
Come away with Jesus,
Come away just now.
Rest in Him;
Rest in peace;
Live eternally.
Hear God say,
Well done, My good and faithful servant;
Enter now your rest,
Enjoy My Presence,
Eternally prepared for you!