Cleave unto Him, and…serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul.@Joshua 22:5

Henry Bennett, 1852.

Faith (Rossini), arranged from Gioachino A. Rossini (1792–1868), in Hymns and Songs of Praise, edited by Roswell D. Hitchcock, Zachary Eddy, & Philip Schaff (New York: A. S. Barnes, 1874) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Giaochino A. Rossini (1792–1868)

Cling to the Mighty One,
Cling in thy grief;
Cling to the Holy One,
He gives relief;
Cling to the Gracious One,
Cling in thy pain;
Cling to the Faithful One,
He will sustain.

Cling to the Living One,
Cling in thy woe;
Cling to the Loving One,
Through all below;
Cling to the Pardoning One,
He speaketh peace;
Cling to the Healing One,
Anguish shall cease.

Cling to the Piercèd One,
Cling to His side;
Cling to the Risen One,
In Him abide;
Cling to the Coming One,
Hope shall arise;
Cling to the Reigning One,
Joy lights thine eyes.