I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts.@Haggai 2:7
Richard W. Adams (1952–)

Anna H. Mercur, The Christmas Star (New York: A. E. Chasmar, 1882), pages 10–12. Adapted by Richard W. Adams, 2015.

Bread of Life William F. Sherwin, 1877 (🔊 pdf nwc).

William F. Sherwin (1826–1888)

Christus! Anointed One! King at Thy birth!
We drape Thy holy name with signs of mirth:
Bringing bright holly and weird mistletoe,
With twining ivy joy and gladness show.

Sing to Jehovah’s name, blended in One,
Infinite God, the Father, Spirit, Son;
Better than angels hath Jesus the Way
Gained far more excellent a name than they.

Myth, fables spoke of all nations’ Desire,
Through lutes of peace, and by Promethian fire;
But then Isaiah saw vision sublime
And preached the fullness of the promised time.

Hearken, O nations, and listen, O land,
For you a Prince, Deliverer, is at hand,
Whose gentle government shall e’er increase,
A reign of righteousness and love, and peace!

No longer desolate deserts are waste;
Fields wait for harvest, O you reapers, haste!
Wilderness blossoming, yes, as the rose,
And cleansing, sparkling springs invite repose.

Heav’n’s ruler now our guest, greet Him, O earth!
Jesus, the holy Child of purest birth!
Son of a virgin, yet monarch most high—
Hosanna to the King, exulting cry!

Rejoice, O mother, most blessèd thou art,
Among all women’s names thine dwells apart;
Yes, magnify Him, thy Savior and Son,
Whose rule, expected long, at last begun!

Wake psaltery and harp! Sound cymbal, lyre!
This natal day of Him whom hearts desire;
Blow ye the trumpets, command to the feast,
Of Christ Immanuel, our king, high priest!