I have called you friends.@John 15:15

Amelia Clement, in Sabbath Carols (Altoona, Pennsylvania: R. B Mahaffey, 1881), number 68.

Guildford John H. Kissinger (🔊 pdf nwc).

John H. Kissinger (1845–1922)

Even in sorrow Christ is our friend;
Even in danger He will defend;
Kindly our pathway He will attend,
If at His footstool we humbly bend.


Come to the Savior, oh, sinner, come,
Cling to Him closely, nor longer roam;
He’ll guide you safely to rest and home;
Do not reject Him: Come, sinner, come.

We are most happy if we endure
For by our chastening we shall be pure;
Sin may not harm, or Satan allure,
If in His love we abide secure.


He is the light, the truth, and the way,
Trusting in Him we can never stray;
Heed now His call to come and obey,
Your night of sorrow shall change today.