God Himself is with us for our captain.@2 Chronicles 13:12
Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

From Hymns for Times of Trouble and Persecution, by John and Charles Wesley, second edition, enlarged (London: Strahan, 1744), page 30. This source does not name the author, but it seems likely the hymn is by Charles Wesley.

Diademata George J. Elvey, in Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1868 (🔊 pdf nwc).

George J. Elvey (1816–1893)
© National Portrait Gallery

Captain, we look to Thee,
Thy promised succors claim,
Humbly assured of victory
Through Thine almighty name;
With furious beasts to fight,
Forth in Thy strength we go,
With all the earth-born sons of night,
With all the fiends below.

Hold of Thine arm we take,
And fearlessly march on,
The world, the realm of Satan, shake,
And turn it upside down;
’Gainst all the powers of hell
Undaunted we proceed,
Resistless and invincible
Through our triumphant Head.

A suffering fight we wage
With man’s oppressive power,
Endure the persecutor’s rage,
Till all the storm is o’er;
Armed with the patient mind
Which in our Savior was,
We bear the hate of all mankind,
And glory in the cross.

To gain that heavenly prize
We gladly suffer here,
And languish in yon opening skies
To see His sign appear;
His sign we soon shall see,
The Lord shall quickly come,
And give the final victory,
And take the conquerors home.