He will swallow up death in victory.@Isaiah 25:8
Horse Chestnut Buds

Mabel G. Osgood, in the Sunday School Service Book and Hymnal, edited by H. G. Spaulding (Boston, Massachusetts: Unitarian Sunday School Society, 1885), number 182.

R. H. Clouston, Jr. (🔊 pdf nwc).

The buds are bursting on the trees,
The earth awakes again;
The birds are singing out their glees,
For Christ again doth reign.


Awake, and alleluias sing!
For death is slain and Christ is king.
Awake, awake, and let the chorus swell,
With voice and harp and Easter bell.

Come, let us all sweet blossoms bring
The risen Lord to greet,
And make our hearts an offering,
And lay them at His feet.


No longer death and hopeless gloom
Shall grieve our souls distressed;
For Christ has trodden, through the tomb,
A pathway for the blest.