A city which has foundations, whose Builder and Maker is God.@Hebrews 11:10
Joseph Proud (1745-1826)

Jo­seph Proud (1745-1826).

St. Thom­as (Will­iams), Aar­on Will­iams, The New Un­i­vers­al Psalm­o­dist, 1770 (MIDI, NWC, PDF).

Built by Jehovah’s hand,
The holy city see:
Its happy gates wide open stand:
To enter all are free.

One bright, eternal day
Shall in the city reign,
Darkness and death are fled away,
Ne’er to return again.

O blessèd, happy state!
Great God, we thankful come,
Low at Thy footstool humbly wait,
And make Thy church our home.

Jerusalem shall be
Our peaceful, blest abode:
Here we will love and honor Thee,
Our Savior and our God!