Who is he who will devote himself to be close to Me?@Jeremiah 30:21
Merton Smith

Merton Smith, in Gospel Hymns No. 6, by Ira D. Sankey, James McGranahan & George C. Stebbins (Chicago, Illinois/New York: Biglow & Main/John Church), 1891, number 62. Arranged by Daniel W. Whittle.

Juba James McGranahan, 1891 (🔊 pdf nwc).

James McGranahan (1840–1907)

Blessèd Savior, ever nearer
I am drawing to Thy feet;
Thou hast borne my every sorrow,
I am made in Thee complete;
For Thy love my soul is yearning,
More and more its power impart;
I have heard Thy tender pleading,
Come and dwell within my heart.

Blessèd Savior, I would never,
Never more Thy love reject;
At Thy feet I learn the lesson
How Thine image to reflect;
There I go when all forsake me,
When by foes I am oppressed;
Then I hear Thy loved voice saying,
Come to Me, I’ll give you rest.

Blessèd Savior, draw me nearer,
Ever nearer to Thy heart,
When I’m weary, heavy laden,
And I feel the tempter’s dart;
Oft I stumble, oft I falter,
Oft I’m tossed on angry seas;
But I know that Thou wilt guide me,
Through the storm, to endless peace.

Blessèd Savior, let me linger
Ever near Thy precious feet,
Till I hear that welcome summons,
Come, thy loved ones now to greet;
Oh, the joy that there awaits me,
While I hope and watch and pray!
For the morning light is dawning,
Of the fair and endless day.