Let my prayer be set forth before Thee as incense.@Psalm 141:2

Jon­a­than B. Atch­in­son, in Heart and Voice, ed­it­ed by Will­iam F. Sher­win (Cin­cin­n­ati, Ohio: John Church, 1881), page 102.

Wi­chi­ta James R. Mur­ray, 1881 (🔊 pdf nwc).

James R. Murray (1841–1905)

Blessèd Jesus, hear my prayer
Upon Thee I cast my care;
Lift the bondage from me now,
While to Thee I humbly bow.
Savior, now my sins forgive,
Bid me come to Thee and live;
Let Thy blood cleanse every stain,
Take my heart and make it clean.

Teach me how to trust Thee, Lord,
Teach me how to keep Thy Word;
Teach me how to watch and pray,
How to serve Thee every day.
Blessèd Jesus, Thou art mine,
Pure and holy, just, divine;
Only Thee will I adore,
Praise Thee now and evermore.