Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.@Matthew 28:19
Catherine Winkworth (1827–1878)

Johann J. Rambach, Erbauliches Handbüchlein für Kindern (Giessen, Germany: 1734) (Ich bin getauft auf deinen Namen); translated from German to English by Catherine Winkworth, Chorale Book for England, 1863, alt.

O Dass Ich Tausend Kornelius H. Dretzel, Des Evangelischen Zions Musicalische Harmonie (Nuremberg, Germany: 1731) (🔊 pdf nwc).

The Baptism
Alfred L. V. Jacomin (1842–1913)

Baptized into Thy name most holy,
O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
I claim a place, though weak and lowly,
Among Thy seed, Thy chosen host.
Buried with Christ and dead to sin,
Thy Spirit now shall live within.

My loving Father, Thou dost take me
To be henceforth Thy child and heir;
My faithful Savior, Thou dost make me
The fruit of all Thy sorrows share;
Thou, Holy Ghost, wilt comfort me
When darkest clouds around I see.

And I have vowed to fear and love Thee
And to obey Thee, Lord, alone;
Because the Holy Ghost did move me,
I dared to pledge myself Thine own,
Renouncing sin to keep the faith
And war with evil unto death.

My faithful God, Thou failest never,
Thy cov’nant surely will abide;
Oh, cast me not away forever
Should I transgress it on my side!
Tho’ I have oft my soul defiled,
Do Thou forgive, restore, Thy child.

Yea, all I am and love most dearly
I offer now, O Lord, to Thee.
Oh, let me make my vows sincerely
And help me Thine own child to be!
Let naught within me, naught I own,
Serve any will but Thine alone.

And never let my purpose falter,
O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
But keep me faithful to Thine altar
Till Thou shalt call me from my post.
So unto Thee I live or die
And praise Thee evermore on high.