Scripture Verse

Behold the man! John 19:5


Joseph Stennett

Words: Jo­seph Sten­nett, Hymns on the Lord’s Sup­per 1705.

Music: Mar­tyr­dom Hugh Wil­son, 1800. Ar­ranged by Ralph E. Hud­son, cir­ca 1885 (🔊 pdf nwc).

The Crucifixion
Léon J. F. Bonnat (1833–1922)


Behold the Savior of the world
Embrued with sweat and gore,
Expiring on that shameful cross,
Where He our sorrows bore!

Compassion for lost human race
Brought down God’s only Son,
To veil in flesh His radiant face,
And for their sins atone.

Who can to love His name forbear,
That of His sufferings hears,
And finds, the ransom of his soul
Was blood as well as tears?

Thy sacred blood, O Son of God!
Which ran from many a wound
When earth and hell’s malicious powers
All compassed Thee around.

Joy for Thy torments we receive;
Life in Thy death have found;
For the reproaches of Thy cross
Shall be with glory crowned.

May we a grateful sense retain
Of Thy redeeming love!
And live below like those that hope
To live with Thee above!