Behold, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are ye in Mine hand.@Jeremiah 18:6
Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)

Charles Wesley, 1745.

William Arthur says that on Dr. Punshon’s last visit to Cannes, in March, 1881, ‘Members of my family told me of the delightful spirits he seemed to be in during an excursion on the Estérel Mountains, and especially of the interest with which, on another day, he watched the process of manufacturing in porcelain at Vallauris. As the potter out of his lump evolved form after form, he watched intently until tears ran down his cheeks, and then said in his own telling tones—tones they would have never have forgotten, even if they had not been so solemnly called to mind a little while afterwards—Mould as Thou wilt Thy passive clay.

Telford, p. 334

Sagina (Short) Thomas Campbell, Bouquet 1825 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

Behold the servant of the Lord!
I wait Thy guiding eye to feel,
To hear and keep Thy every word,
To prove and do Thy perfect will,
Joyful from my own works to cease,
Glad to fulfill all righteousness.

Me if Thy grace vouchsafe to use,
Meanest of all Thy creatures, me,
The deed, the time, the manner choose,
Let all my fruit be found of Thee;
Let all my works in Thee be wrought,
By Thee to full perfection brought.

My every weak, though good design,
O’errule, or change, as seems Thee meet;
Jesus, let all my work be Thine!
Thy work, O Lord, is all complete,
And pleasing in Thy Father’s sight;
Thou only hast done all things right.

Here then to Thee Thy own I leave;
Mold as Thou wilt Thy passive clay;
But let me all Thy stamp receive,
But let me all Thy words obey,
Serve with a single heart and eye,
And to Thy glory live and die.