Scripture Verse

The Spi­rit and the bride say, Come. Revelation 22:17


Words & Mu­sic: Charles C. Lu­ther, 1893 (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a bet­ter pho­to of Lu­ther,

Charles C. Luther


Beautiful hands at the gate­way to­night,
Faces all shin­ing with ra­di­ant light;
Eyes look­ing down from yon hea­ven­ly home,
Beautiful hands, they are beck­on­ing, Come.


Beautiful hands, beck­on­ing hands,
Calling the dear ones to hea­ven­ly lands;
Beautiful hands, beck­on­ing hands,
Beautiful, beau­ti­ful, beck­on­ing hands.

Beckoning hands of a mo­ther whose love
Sacrificed life her de­vo­tion to prove;
Hands of a fa­ther to me­mo­ry dear,
Beckon up high­er the wait­ing ones here.


Beautiful hands of a lit­tle one, see!
Baby voice call­ing, O mo­ther, for thee;
Rosy cheeked darl­ing, the light of the home,
Taken so early, is beck­on­ing, Come.


Beckoning hands of a hus­band, a wife,
Watching and wait­ing the loved one of life;
Hands of a bro­ther, a sis­ter, a friend,
Out from the gate­way to­night they ex­tend.


Brightest and best of that glo­ri­ous throng,
Center of all and the theme of their song;
Jesus, our Sav­ior, the pierc­èd One stands,
Lovingly call­ing with beck­on­ing hands.