Heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool.@Isaiah 66:1
William C. Dix (1837โ€“1898)

William C. Dix, Altar Songs, Verses on the Holy Eucharist 1867.

Hyfrydol Rowland H. Prichard, 1830 (๐Ÿ”Š pdf nwc).

Rowland H. Prichard (1811โ€“1887)

Alleluia! sing to Jesus!
His the scepter, His the throne.
Alleluia! His the triumph,
His the victory alone.
Hark! the songs of peaceful Zion
Thunder like a mighty flood.
Jesus out of every nation
Has redeemed us by His blood.

Alleluia! not as orphans
Are we left in sorrow now;
Alleluia! He is near us,
Faith believes, nor questions how;
Though the cloud from sight received Him
When the forty days were oโ€™er
Shall our hearts forget His promise,
I am with you evermore?

Alleluia! bread of angels,
Thou on earth our food, our stay;
Alleluia! here the sinful
Flee to Thee from day to day:
Intercessor, friend of sinners,
Earthโ€™s Redeemer, plead for me,
Where the songs of all the sinless
Sweep across the crystal sea.

Alleluia! King eternal,
Thee the Lord of lords we own;
Alleluia! born of Mary,
Earth Thy footstool, Heavโ€™n Thy throne:
Thou within the veil hast entered,
Robed in flesh our great high priest;
Thou on earth both priest and victim
In the Eucharistic feast.