Put on the whole armor of God.@Ephesians 6:11
Robert Lowry (1826–1899)

J. H. Edwards, 1886.

Port Harcourt Robert Lowry (🔊 pdf nwc).

Arise, young men, arise! Thy Savior’s loving voice
Now bids thee lift thine eyes, and in His life rejoice;
He raised the sleeping dead, and made it grand to live;
For thee His blood was shed; all help His arm will give.

Arise! for death is nigh, life’s day is all too brief;
Like light its moments fly, its gladness and its grief;
Arise, and take thy part, in God’s tremendous fight;
To arms! stir up thy heart, go forth in Heaven’s great might.

Arise from dreams of fame, from sensual slumber rise;
Keep spotless Christ’s dear name, thy wealth seek in the skies;
The noblest works await thine aid with high reward;
And, crowned at glory’s gate, thou’lt meet thy risen Lord.