There will be no night there.@Revelation 21:25

From the New Standard Singer, by Phil­ip Phil­lips (New York: Phil­ip Phil­lips, 1868).

Southport (Davies) J. Da­vies, in The Primitive Meth­od­ist Hymnal, edited by George Booth (London: Primitive Meth­od­ist Publishing House, 1889), number 874 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Philip Phillips (1834–1895)

Are there no years in Heaven?
No change of day and night?
No rolling seasons’ varied hues
To mark time’s onward flight?

No: Time itself must fade,
And New Years’ Days shall cease,
When all God’s children meet on high,
To hail the Prince of Peace.

His realm is endless rest,
And perfect holiness!
No cares shall cloud, no sorrow dim
That home of loveliness.

In His great name we raise
Our New Year’s song to Heaven;
To praise our Father’s boundless love,
And ask to be forgiven.

Savior, be Thou our trust,
Our daily, hourly friend;
Unite our hearts in love to Thee—
The love which knows no end.

So may our lives on earth
Made happy by Thy grace,
Be foretastes of a fairer home—
A heavenly dwelling place.