Ye shall hallow the fiftieth year…it shall be a jubilee unto you.@Leviticus 25:10
Z. Montgomery Gibson

Z. Montgomery Gibson, in World-Wide Hosannas, by Adam Geibel & R. Frank Lehman (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Adam Geibel Music Company, 1904), number 137. Based on the year, it seems likely Gibson wrote the hymn for the 50th anniversary of the Roxborough Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, where he was pastor.

Wembley William M. Gibson, 1904 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Thy people, Lord, throughout all time,
In traveling down the path of life,
Beheld the Star—the Son sublime,
And trembled not at coming strife,
And trembled not at coming strife.

Through troubled years in struggles oft,
This Church has lifted up her voice,
’Mid deep distress, she looked aloft,
And found contentment in her choice,
And found contentment in her choice.

We lift to Thee—O, sovereign Lord,
Our loftiest notes in grateful song;
May coming hosts in sweet accord,
The anthem swell—the praise prolong,
The anthem swell—the praise prolong.

Wide circling as Thy sovereign light,
So let our inspirations be,
With Thee to dwell—supreme delight,
In time and in eternity,
In time and in eternity.