Grieve not the holy Spirit of God.@Ephesians 4:30

Abigail B. Hyde, in Village Hymns for Social Worship, by Asahel Nettleton (Hartford, Connecticut: Goodwin & Company (printer), 1824), number 335.

State Street Jonathan C. Woodman, 1844 (🔊 pdf nwc).

And canst thou, sinner, slight
The call of love divine?
Shall God with tenderness invite,
And gain no thought of thine?

Wilt thou not cease to grieve
The Spirit from thy breast,
Till He thy wretched soul shall leave
With all thy sins oppressed?

Today a pardoning God
Will hear the suppliant pray;
Today a Savior’s cleansing blood
Will wash thy guilt away.

But grace so dearly bought,
If yet thou wilt despise,
Thy fearful doom with vengeance fraught,
Will fill thee with surprise.