Praise ye Him, all His angels: praise ye Him, all His hosts.@Psalm 148:2

Theophilus, 1808.

This version of Ps. 148 appeared in the Christian Guardian, 1808, with the signature Theophilus. From thence it passed into a few collections, including the Leeds H. Bk., 1853, in 4 st.; Hatfield’s Amer. Church H. Bk., 1872 in 2 st (i., ii.) and others.

Julian, p. 68

Fleet Street, in The Sabbath Hymn and Tune Book (New York/Boston: Mason Brothers/J. E. Tilton, 1859), page 62 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Angels, assist to sing
The honors of your God;
Touch every tuneful string,
And sound His name abroad;
Come, pour the trembling notes along,
And swell the grand, immortal song.

And ye of meaner birth,
Your joyful voices raise;
All ye who dwell on earth,
Your great Creator praise;
Let loud hosannas joyful rise,
Roll round the earth and pierce the skies.

Let day and dusky night
In solemn order, join
His praises to recite,
And speak His power divine;
Let every hill, and every vale,
Re-echo with the sacred tale.

Ye winds and raging seas,
With wild tempestuous roar
Resound in mightier lays,
His name from shore to shore;
Ye thunders, spread His name abroad;
Ye lightnings, flash before your God.

Let every creature sing
The honors of our God;
Touch every tuneful string,
And spread His praise abroad;
Come, pour your trembling notes along,
And swell the universal song.