December 10, 1815, Hochdorf (near Stuttgart), Germany.

July 1882, Cannstatt, Germany.

Zundel received his first musical education at the Royal Academy of Esslingen, Württemberg (1829–31). In 1833, he became a music teacher in a seminary at Esslingen, at the same time studying violin under Molique. In 1840, he moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, to work as a bandmaster and organist. He emigrated to America in 1847, and played the organ at the Unitarian Church in Brooklyn, New York, then at Plymouth Church, Brooklyn (1850–78, with some interruptions). The Plymouth Church pastor was Henry Beecher, after whom Zundel’s famous tune is named. Zundel helped edit Beecher’s 1855 Plymouth Collection of Hymns, the first major hymnal with music on the same page as the lyrics. Zundel’s other works include:

Zundel retired to Germany in 1877.

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