De­cem­ber 11, 1758, Berlin, Germany.

May 15, 1832, Berlin, Germany.

Sophienkirche, Berlin, Germany.


Zelter was a self taught composer, conductor and music teacher. Working in his father’s bricklaying business, Zelter also attained mastership in that profession.

A friend of Jo­hann Wolf­gang von Goe­the, Zelter’s works include settings of Goe­the’s poems. During his career, Zelter composed about two hundred lieder, as well as cantatas, a viola concerto and piano music. At various times, he taught Fel­ix Men­dels­sohn, Fan­ny Men­dels­sohn, Gia­co­mo Mey­er­beer, Ed­uard Grell, Ot­to Nic­o­lai, Jo­hann Fried­rich Naue, and Hein­rich Dorn.

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