Mrs. James Colton Yule

April 10, 1826, Clarendon, New York.

March 6, 1897, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.

Woodstock Baptist Cemetery, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

Yule’s family moved to Upper Canada while she was a child. She graduated from Albion College in Michigan, and taught there three years. In 1860, she accepted a position teaching art, literature and English at the Canadian Literary Institute in Woodstock.

She later married James Yule, and they lived in York Mills (Toronto), and later in Woodstock. After her husband died in 1876, she lived in Brantford, and later Ingersoll. In addition to articles contributed to the Canadian Missionary Link, her works include:

  1. Be in Earnest
  2. Forth in the Dawn-Light
  3. I Will Not Let Thee Go
  4. In the Cleft of the Rock

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