Early 20th Century
  1. After Earthly Toil
  2. Be of Courage, Staunch and Strong
  3. Be True to Jesus While You Journey
  4. Eden Land Beyond the River
  5. Going Along the Way, Singing
  6. Happy Band in Heaven Above, The
  7. Heart Bells, Joyfully, Ring a Merry Chime
  8. How Sweet to Know When We Must Part
  9. I Came to My Savior with Sorrow
  10. I Have Started to That City
  11. I Will Sing His Praises
  12. I Will Trust in My Redeemer
  13. I’m Weary and Sad, and Rough
  14. In a Home Beyond the Sky
  15. In That Sweet Home So Bright and Fair
  16. In Yon Sweet Home Across the Sea
  17. Jesus Pardoned All My Sin
  18. My Home in Heaven Is Glad and Bright
  19. My Lord and King Bestowed
  20. O’er the Sea
  21. See, the Day Is Breaking
  22. There Is So Much We Hope
  23. There Will Be Reunions Great
  24. There’s a City of Gladness and Rest
  25. There’s a Home Prepared on the Golden Shore
  26. There’s a Land Just o’er the River
  27. There’s a Palace of Gold
  28. We Are Marching Along to the City of Song
  29. We Are Marching on to the Kingdom
  30. We Shall Grieve No More
  31. We’re Making Our Way
  32. What a Happy Time ’Twill Be
  33. What Joy It Will Be Around
  34. When We Hear the Happy Music
  35. When We Hear the Savior’s Call