Oc­to­ber 30, 1820, Pitts­ton, Maine.

No­vem­ber 15, 1885, New York Ci­ty.

Saint Au­gus­tine Na­tion­al Ce­me­te­ry, Saint Au­gus­tine, Flor­i­da.

Young at­tend­ed Wes­ley­an Un­i­ver­si­ty, Mid­dle­town, Con­nec­ti­cut; Wes­ley­an Sem­in­ary, Read­field, Maine (now Kents Hill School); and the Vir­gin­ia The­o­log­ic­al Sem­in­a­ry, Al­ex­an­dria, Vir­gin­ia.

Ordained a Pro­test­ant Epis­co­pal min­is­ter, he served in Tex­as, Miss­iss­ip­pi, Lou­i­si­a­na, and New York, and became the se­cond bish­op of Flor­i­da in 1867. His works in­clude:

  1. Silent Night