May 27, 1860, Portsmouth, Ohio.

October 16, 1929, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Greenlawn Cemetery, Portsmouth, Ohio.

Yoakley was the son of John Yoakley and Susan St. John, and husband of Josephine S. Royce. He was a member of the Episcopal denomination, and a Knight Templar and Scottish Rite Mason.

John the younger served as organist at Christ Church in Cincinnati. His father, a composer, played the organ at All Saints Church in Portsmouth for 32 years. His grandfather, William Yoakley, was also a musician and composer; the Presbyterian hymnal contains one of his compositions named for himself Yoakley.

John Junior received private music training from his father until age 18. In 1878, he went to Cincinnati to continue his studies, and developed an impressive reputation. He was recognized to such an extent that his Te Deum in F received its initial rendition at a service for the consecration of a bishop of the Episcopal church in Richmond, Virginia. His tune All Souls was chosen for the American Missionary Hymn for insertion in the Church of England hymnal. His other works include:

  1. All Souls

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