October 21, 1873, Brooklyn, New York.

January 30, 1956, San Bernardino County, California.

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.

Grace Gordon

Elsie was the daughter of New York Shipping Commissioner Charles Crooker Duncan, and wife of Arthur Wells Yale, Jr. Her works include:

  1. All Is Light Where He Is Leading
  2. All Thy Works Shall Praise Thee
  3. Angels of Light
  4. Anything for Jesus
  5. As Eastern Children Came
  6. Awake, Awake, Behold the Orient Light
  7. Awake, O Earth, Let Joyful Praise
  8. Be Ye Strong in Strength Divine
  9. Bear Another’s Burdens
  10. Bells of Love from Above
  11. Bethlehem, Blessing Shall Crown
  12. Bethlehem, Welcome Thy Royal Guest
  13. Bible Is a Wondrous Mine, The
  14. Bless the Lord, O Ye Lands
  15. Bless Ye the Glorious King
  16. Blessed Lakeside Where Memory Lingers
  17. Blessed Songs of Christmas Pealing
  18. Book of the Ages, Guide Our Way
  19. Bright Sunlit Shore
  20. Bring Ye Your Flowers
  21. Building for His Glory
  22. By His Cross Triumphant
  23. Called to Serve Him
  24. Called to Service Royal
  25. Carol a Song of Christmas
  26. Carol Ye at Christmas Tide
  27. Caroling On
  28. Children Came Their Savior Seeking
  29. Children in the Temple
  30. Chosen by Christ Our King
  31. Christ Has Called the Loyal
  32. Christ Has Need of Workers
  33. Christ Is Risen
  34. Christ of All the Ages
  35. Christ Would Have Us Brave
  36. Christmas Cheer Has Crowned the World
  37. Christmas Star That Shone
  38. Christmas Stars Are Shining
  39. Clad in Armor All Unfailing
  40. Come Before the Lord with Song
  41. Come Sing Again a Joyful Song
  42. Come unto Me and Rest
  43. Come We Neath Shrouded Skies
  44. Come with Him to Galilee
  45. Come Ye to Nazareth
  46. Come Ye with Carols
  47. Come, O Come Ye, O Seek His Courts
  48. Comes Again the Time of Mirth
  49. Comrades of the Cross
  50. Conquest Calls Us Forth to the Fray
  51. Conquest Shall Be Our Watchword
  52. Cross of Jesus Goes Before, The
  53. Crown Him Conqueror
  54. Darkness Is O’er the Deep
  55. Days of Rejoicing
  56. Down in the Meadows
  57. Down Through the Years
  58. Easter Day, Easter Day
  59. Easter Gladness Now Proclaim
  60. Eastern Skies with Light Aflame
  61. Eventide
  62. Father Hear, Father, Hear
  63. Father O Hear Us, in Thy Love Be Near Us
  64. Fields Are Garbed in Beauty
  65. Fishers, Toiling Day by Day
  66. Fishers, Was Your Toil But Vain
  67. Flowers of the Field Blooming
  68. Flowers of the Field
  69. Following the Star
  70. For Service Now Preparing
  71. Forth from Gloom to Glory
  72. Forth to Find a Task
  73. Forward Press, the Conqueror Reigneth
  74. Forward, and Follow the Lord Our King
  75. Forward, and Follow the Risen
  76. Forward, Following the Banner
  77. From the Meadows Gone Are Shadows
  78. From the Ocean’s Rolling Tide
  79. Garden Fair, Thy Flowers
  80. Gentle Jesus, Come, O Come
  81. Give Thanks, Give Thanks for Mercies
  82. Glad of Heart I Forward Press
  83. Gladly We Follow His Guiding
  84. Gladly We Follow
  85. Glory Is Thine
  86. Glory, Glory, Gladness
  87. Go Forth for Him
  88. Go Forth for Him
  89. Go Forth to Galilee
  90. Go Forth, for Banners Ever Glorious
  91. Go Ye, Serve Your Lord
  92. God Be with You, Mother
  93. God Loves a Cheerful Giver
  94. God with Us, God with Us
  95. God’s Word Is Like a Lamp Divine
  96. Gone Is the Sunset Splendor
  97. Gospel Bells Are Sounding, Ringing
  98. Gospel Call, The
  99. Great Are Thy Works, Jehovah
  100. Hail, Joyous Easter Day
  101. Hark to the Forest’s Glad Voices
  102. Hark! the Glad Creation
  103. Hark, the Forest Voices
  104. Hark, the Trumpet Ringing
  105. Haste with Adoration O’er
  106. Have Ye Been to Nazareth?
  107. Have Ye Heard the Easter Story?
  108. Have Ye Ne’er Heard of a Shepherd?
  109. Have Ye Seen Him On the Hill?
  110. Have You Found the Galilean?
  111. Have You Heard His Word?
  112. Have You Heard of the Fishers?
  113. Have You Heard the Story of the Sheep?
  114. Have You Heard the Whisper of the Breeze?
  115. Have You Sought Them?
  116. He Is Our Savior
  117. He Lives, O Message Softly Breathed
  118. He Waits for Thee with Wondrous Grace
  119. He Who Blessed the Children
  120. Heaven Was Near a Hillside
  121. Heavenly Tidings, The
  122. Heavens Are Telling the Glory of God, The
  123. Heavens His Glories, The
  124. Heavens Proclaim Him Lord of Might, The
  125. Heavens Proclaim Him, The
  126. Heir to Riches Untold, An
  127. Hills in Their Beauty So Vernal
  128. His Boundless Love My Life Has Crowned
  129. His Helpers
  130. Hold Fast the Faith All Glorious
  131. Hold Ye Fast to His Promise of Strength
  132. Homeward, Homeward o’er the Rolling
  133. Homeward
  134. How Can I Help But Praise Him?
  135. I Am Anchored to His Goodness
  136. I Hear the Galilean Gently Calling
  137. I Heard My Master Gently Say
  138. I Hold a Secret, Dolly
  139. I May Be a Light for Him
  140. I Once Was Down in Depth of Sin
  141. I Think of the Christ
  142. I Will Be a Sunbeam
  143. I’ll Follow Him
  144. I’m Trusting in My Pilot
  145. If Jesus Comes Into Your Heart
  146. In Glories Eternal of Mansions Above
  147. In My Work or in My Play
  148. In Our Garden We Can Find
  149. In the Days of Olden
  150. In the Fields of Fadeless Light
  151. In the Fields of Fadeless Light
  152. In the Garden of the Master
  153. In the Gardens of June
  154. In the King’s Highway
  155. In the Paths of Life
  156. In the Ranks So True
  157. In the Ranks
  158. In the Royal Ranks Rejoicing
  159. In the Service of the King Ever Loyal
  160. In the Spirit of the Master
  161. Is It Nothing to You?
  162. Is It Nothing to You?
  163. Jesus Came a Light Divine
  164. Jesus Ever Is the Children’s Friend
  165. Jesus Looks to You
  166. Jesus Needs the Children
  167. Jesus of Nazareth
  168. Jesus Once Taught
  169. Jesus, Dear Jesus, Our Gifts
  170. Jesus, Hear Our Birthday Prayer
  171. Jesus Saves
  172. Jesus, Thou Our Teacher Be
  173. Joy Divine and Peace
  174. Joy Has Come to Judah’s Land
  175. Joy of the Junetide
  176. Joyous Birds Your Praises
  177. Just for Today He Giveth Light
  178. Just to Tell the Savior’s Story
  179. King from On High, We Would
  180. King of Kings Enthroned in Glory
  181. King of Love, We Seek
  182. Let the Heavens Declare
  183. Let the Waking World Adore Him
  184. Let Us Gather Now
  185. Light of the World, Thy Rays Shall Guide
  186. Light of the World
  187. Like As a Father, God On His Throne
  188. Lilies On the Easter Morning
  189. List to the Words of the King of Love
  190. List, the Song We Hear
  191. Little Bird, Little Bird
  192. Little Child of Long Ago
  193. Little Children Came to Jesus
  194. Little Flowers of Summertime
  195. Little Hands for Jesus, There Is Work to Do
  196. Little Stars That Shine So Fair
  197. Lord of All, Lord of All, Fill with Praise
  198. Lord of Galilee, Lord of Galilee
  199. Lord of Galilee
  200. Love of Jesus, The
  201. Love of the Father, Changeless, Divine
  202. Loving Me Ere I Knew Him
  203. Loyalty, Our Watchword
  204. Make Me, Dear Father, a Blessing
  205. Man of Galilee
  206. March On!
  207. Master, On Calvary
  208. Mercies Unmeasured Are Filling the Hours
  209. Mighty Hills Encircling, The
  210. Mindful of His Mercies
  211. Morn of Glory
  212. Mountains and Vales in Your Verdure Clad
  213. My Father’s Hand Is Clasped in Mine
  214. My Savior Is My Shepherd
  215. My Savior’s Hand Is On the Helm
  216. My Shepherd Leads Me All the Way
  217. Near When We Need Him
  218. Neath Darkened Skies We Sadly Fare
  219. Neath the Skies of Spring
  220. No Room in Thy Life for the Savior
  221. Not Far Away, the Christ Is Near
  222. Not My Own, for Jesus Bought Me
  223. Not Our Own Talents That He Has Lent Us
  224. Nothing But the Best for Jesus
  225. Now Fades the Day in Crimson Light
  226. O Blessed Fields of Judah
  227. O Come Ye Unto Nazareth
  228. O Little Lad of Nazareth
  229. O Radiant Morn Thy Rosy Light
  230. O Radiant Morn
  231. O Shining Portal, O Gates of Light
  232. O Silver Even Star, Gleam in the Sky Afar
  233. O Sunlit Ways of Galilee
  234. O Sunny Slope Which Jesus Sought
  235. O the Captain Calls for His Soldiers
  236. O the Holy Light Is Gleaming
  237. O Win the World for Jesus
  238. O’er Life’s Wild Sea
  239. O’er Our Pathway Glowing
  240. O’er Sunlit Ways Glad Notes
  241. O’ershadowed Are the Skies
  242. Once There Was a Star
  243. Only a Touch of the Wounded Hand
  244. Onward, Onward, Soldiers of the Cross
  245. Out On An Ocean Wide We Sail
  246. Over the Earth Is a Father’s Love
  247. Pass On the Torch, Pass On the Torch
  248. Path of His Choosing, The
  249. Perfect Peace the Garden
  250. Pilgrims Throng Through the City, The
  251. Pilot of Galilee, Ever We Trust
  252. Praise Ye the Lord
  253. Press On in the Royal Way
  254. Prince Divine, The
  255. Redeemer Divine
  256. Rejoice, Rejoice, See Ye the Portal
  257. Return, Return to Blossoming
  258. Ringing Through the Hush
  259. Rivers to the Ocean Flowing
  260. Roll On, O Sunlit Sea
  261. Room for the Little Children
  262. Royal Banners Lead the Way, The
  263. Royal Command, The
  264. Royal Way We Tread, A
  265. Safe Anchored for Christ Is Keeping
  266. Saw Ye the Son of Man?
  267. Seek Not with Sadness
  268. Seek We At Early Morn
  269. Shepherd in the Starlight, A
  270. Shine for Him
  271. Shine On, Silver Star
  272. Shining for Thee, Shining for Thee
  273. Silvering the Gloom
  274. Silvery Bells Are Ringing, The
  275. Sing Ye Angels At His Tomb, Alleluia
  276. Skies of the Summer Are Glowing
  277. Soft O’er the Meadows
  278. Softly the Breeze Is Singing
  279. Softly the Light of Easter
  280. Softly, and Low Night Breezes
  281. Someone Has Need of Kindness
  282. Songs of Rejoicing Ringing
  283. Spread the Sails Rejoicing
  284. Spread the Sails Rejoicing
  285. Spring, Spring, Hail Thy Glad Appearing
  286. Stars Glowing Brightly
  287. Stars Shining in the Midnight Gloom
  288. Strong in His Strength
  289. Strong in the Strength of the King
  290. Sufficient Grace for Every Need
  291. Sunbeams for Jesus E’er Would We Be
  292. Sunlight Is Fading in quiet Skies Afar
  293. Sunlit Sea What Memories Golden
  294. Sunshine Has Scattered the Gloom
  295. Sweet Is the Path of Promise
  296. Sweet It Is to Serve Him
  297. Sweet the Toil for Him
  298. There Are Countless Blessings
  299. There Are Fields That to Harvest Are White
  300. There Are Harvest Fields Which Whiten
  301. There Are Words Like Music Ringing
  302. There Is News, Glad News
  303. There’s a Galilean Call
  304. There’s a Glory Bright
  305. There’s a Happy Harbor
  306. There’s a Message from My Father
  307. There’s a Shepherd Who Goes
  308. There’s a Song So Sweetly Ringing
  309. There’s a Task for Helpers True
  310. There’s a Thought That Comes
  311. There’s a Word of Cheer and Kindness
  312. There’s a Work for Jesus
  313. There’s a Work for Jesus
  314. There’s a Work That Waits Your Hand
  315. There’s An Armor Given
  316. There’s An Army True and Loyal
  317. There’s Never a Friend Like Jesus
  318. There’s Welcome At the Manger
  319. There’s Work That Waits a Willing Hand
  320. Thou Art Near, O Father
  321. Thou Didst Arise
  322. Thou Hast Come from Royal Dwelling
  323. Thou the Life, the Truth
  324. Though Thy Sins May Be As Scarlet
  325. Thousands Thronged a Quiet Shore
  326. Time Is Passing By
  327. ’Tis Done for Thee
  328. ’Tis His Challenge Ringing
  329. ’Tis Joy to Go Where Jesus Leads
  330. ’Tis Sweet to Serve
  331. ’Tis Whispered Low As the Breezes Blow
  332. ’Twas a Shepherd, a Loving Shepherd
  333. To Thy Garden, Shadowed Garden
  334. Today for the Wanderer the Father Waits
  335. Trumpet That Ne’er Shall Sound Retreat
  336. Under the Stars Is a Silent Town
  337. Under the Sunset Sky
  338. Unto the Lord in Their Blindness
  339. Wake, for the Morning Flings Her Banners
  340. We Come ’neath Azure Skies of May
  341. We Fain Would Follow Jesus
  342. We Fain Would Follow
  343. We Find Our Father Everywhere
  344. We Have Seen a Star Celestial
  345. We May Not Be the Sowers Who Scatter
  346. We See the Lofty Mountain High
  347. Welcome to the Summer’s Golden
  348. Welcome, O Radiant Roses
  349. What Now Is Dwelling Within My Heart
  350. When by Faith I Saw My Lord
  351. When I Reach My Father’s Dwelling
  352. When I Speak to Him in Prayer
  353. When the Evening Shadows Bless
  354. Where Shall We Find a Lamp to Shine
  355. Wherefore Sing Ye, Praises Bring Ye
  356. Who Are These Beside the Sea
  357. Win Them for Him!
  358. With a Greeting True We Would
  359. With Christ Our Pilot Tried and True
  360. Witness for the King
  361. Wonderful Gifts from Heaven Above
  362. Wondrous Are the Gifts Divine
  363. Wondrous Are the Mercies
  364. Wondrous the Word, Sweetly ’tis Heard
  365. Wondrous Word, A
  366. Wondrous Words of Joy and Love
  367. Word Eternal That Shall E’er Endure
  368. World Is the Lord’s, The
  369. Ye Merry Birds On Pinions

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