Oc­to­ber 21, 1873, Brook­lyn, New York.

Jan­u­a­ry 30, 1956, San Ber­nar­di­no Coun­ty, Ca­li­for­nia.

Green-Wood Ce­me­te­ry, Brook­lyn, New York.

Grace Gor­don.

Elsie was the daugh­ter of New York Ship­ping Com­mis­sion­er Charles Crook­er Dun­can, and wife of Ar­thur Wells Yale, Jr.

Her works in­clude:

  1. All Is Light Where He Is Lead­ing
  2. All Thy Works Shall Praise Thee
  3. Angels of Light
  4. Anything for Je­sus
  5. As East­ern Child­ren Came
  6. Awake, Awake, Be­hold the Or­i­ent Light
  7. Awake, O Earth, Let Joy­ful Praise
  8. Be Ye Strong in Strength Di­vine
  9. Bear Another’s Bur­dens
  10. Bells of Love from Above
  11. Bethlehem, Bless­ing Shall Crown
  12. Bethlehem, Wel­come Thy Roy­al Guest
  13. Bible Is a Won­drous Mine, The
  14. Bless the Lord, O Ye Lands
  15. Bless Ye the Glo­ri­ous King
  16. Blessed Lake­side Where Mem­ory Lin­gers
  17. Blessèd Songs of Christ­mas
  18. Book of the Ag­es, Guide Our Way
  19. Bright Sun­lit Shore
  20. Bring Ye Your Flow­ers
  21. Building for His Glo­ry
  22. By His Cross Tri­umph­ant
  23. Called to Serve Him
  24. Called to Ser­vice Roy­al
  25. Carol a Song of Christ­mas
  26. Carol Ye at Christ­mas Tide
  27. Caroling On
  28. Children Came Their Sav­ior Seek­ing
  29. Children in the Tem­ple
  30. Chosen by Christ Our King
  31. Christ Has Called the Loy­al
  32. Christ Has Need of Work­ers
  33. Christ Is Ris­en
  34. Christ of All the Ag­es
  35. Christ Would Have Us Brave
  36. Christmas Cheer Has Crowned the World
  37. Christmas Star That Shone
  38. Christmas Stars Are Shin­ing
  39. Clad in Armor All Un­fail­ing
  40. Come Be­fore the Lord with Song
  41. Come Sing Again a Joy­ful Song
  42. Come unto Me and Rest
  43. Come We Neath Shroud­ed Skies
  44. Come with Him to Ga­li­lee
  45. Come Ye to Na­za­reth
  46. Come Ye with Ca­rols
  47. Come, O Come Ye, O Seek His Courts
  48. Comes Again the Time of Mirth
  49. Comrades of the Cross
  50. Conquest Calls Us Forth to the Fray
  51. Conquest Shall Be Our Watch­word
  52. Cross of Je­sus Goes Be­fore, The
  53. Crown Him Con­quer­or
  54. Darkness Is o’er the Deep
  55. Days of Re­joic­ing
  56. Down in the Mea­dows
  57. Down Through the Years
  58. Easter Day, East­er Day
  59. Easter Glad­ness Now Pro­claim
  60. Eastern Skies with Light Aflame
  61. Eventide
  62. Father Hear, Fa­ther, Hear
  63. Father O Hear Us, in Thy Love Be Near Us
  64. Fields Are Garbed in Beau­ty
  65. Fishers, Toil­ing Day by Day
  66. Fishers, Was Your Toil but Vain
  67. Flowers of the Field Bloom­ing
  68. Flowers of the Field
  69. Following the Star
  70. For Ser­vice Now Pre­par­ing
  71. Forth from Gloom to Glo­ry
  72. Forth to Find a Task
  73. Forward Press, the Con­quer­or Reign­eth
  74. Forward, and Fol­low the Lord Our King
  75. Forward, and Fol­low the Risen
  76. Forward, Fol­low­ing the Ban­ner
  77. From the Mea­dows Gone Are Sha­dows
  78. From the Ocean’s Roll­ing Tide
  79. Garden Fair, Thy Flow­ers
  80. Gentle Je­sus, Come, O Come
  81. Give Thanks, Give Thanks for Mer­cies
  82. Glad of Heart I For­ward Press
  83. Gladly We Fol­low His Guid­ing
  84. Gladly We Fol­low
  85. Glory Is Thine
  86. Glory, Glo­ry, Glad­ness
  87. Go Forth for Him
  88. Go Forth to Ga­li­lee
  89. Go Forth, for Ban­ners Ev­er Glo­ri­ous
  90. Go Ye, Serve Your Lord
  91. God Be with You, Mo­ther
  92. God Loves a Cheer­ful Giv­er
  93. God with Us, God with Us
  94. God’s Word Is Like a Lamp Di­vine
  95. Gone Is the Sun­set Splen­dor
  96. Gospel Bells Are Sound­ing, Ring­ing
  97. Gospel Call, The
  98. Great Are Thy Works, Je­ho­vah
  99. Hail, Joy­ous East­er Day
  100. Hark to the For­est’s Glad Voic­es
  101. Hark! the Glad Cre­a­tion
  102. Hark, the For­est Voic­es
  103. Hark, the Trum­pet Ring­ing
  104. Haste with Ad­o­ra­tion O’er
  105. Have Ye Been to Na­za­reth?
  106. Have Ye Heard the East­er Sto­ry?
  107. Have Ye Ne’er Heard of a Shep­herd?
  108. Have Ye Seen Him On the Hill?
  109. Have You Found the Gal­i­le­an?
  110. Have You Heard His Word?
  111. Have You Heard of the Fishe­rs?
  112. Have You Heard the Sto­ry of the Sheep?
  113. Have You Heard the Whis­per of the Breeze?
  114. Have You Sought Them?
  115. He Is Our Sav­ior
  116. He Lives, O Mes­sage Soft­ly Breathed
  117. He Waits for Thee with Won­drous Grace
  118. He Who Blessed the Child­ren
  119. Heaven Was Near a Hill­side
  120. Heavenly Tid­ings, The
  121. Heavens Are Tell­ing the Glo­ry of God, The
  122. Heavens His Glo­ries, The
  123. Heavens Pro­claim Him Lord of Might, The
  124. Heavens Pro­claim Him, The
  125. Heir to Rich­es Un­told, An
  126. Hills in Their Beau­ty So Vernal
  127. His Bound­less Love My Life Has Crowned
  128. His Help­ers
  129. Hold Fast the Faith All Glo­ri­ous
  130. Hold Ye Fast to His Pro­mise of Strength
  131. Homeward
  132. How Can I Help but Praise Him?
  133. I Am An­chored to His Good­ness
  134. I Hear the Ga­li­le­an Gent­ly Call­ing
  135. I Heard My Mas­ter Gent­ly Say
  136. I Hold a Sec­ret, Dol­ly
  137. I May Be a Light for Him
  138. I Once Was Down in Depth of Sin
  139. I Think of the Christ
  140. I Will Be a Sun­beam
  141. I’ll Fol­low Him
  142. I’m Trust­ing in My Pi­lot
  143. If Je­sus Comes in­to Your Heart
  144. In Glo­ries Eter­nal of Man­sions Above
  145. In My Work or in My Play
  146. In Our Gar­den We Can Find
  147. In the Days of Old­en
  148. In the Fields of Fade­less Light
  149. In the Gar­den of the Mas­ter
  150. In the Gar­dens of June
  151. In the King’s High­way
  152. In the Paths of Life
  153. In the Ranks So True
  154. In the Ranks
  155. In the Roy­al Ranks Re­joic­ing
  156. In the Ser­vice of the King Ev­er Loy­al
  157. In the Spirit of the Mas­ter
  158. Is It No­thing to You?
  159. Jesus Came a Light Di­vine
  160. Jesus Ev­er Is the Child­ren’s Friend
  161. Jesus Looks to You
  162. Jesus Needs the Child­ren
  163. Jesus of Na­za­reth
  164. Jesus Once Taught
  165. Jesus, Dear Je­sus, Our Gifts
  166. Jesus, Hear Our Birth­day Pray­er
  167. Jesus Saves
  168. Jesus, Thou Our Teach­er Be
  169. Joy Di­vine and Peace
  170. Joy Has Come to Ju­dah’s Land
  171. Joy of the June­tide
  172. Joyous Birds Your Prais­es
  173. Just for To­day He Giv­eth Light
  174. Just to Tell the Sav­ior’s Sto­ry
  175. King from On High, We Would
  176. King of Kings En­throned in Glo­ry
  177. King of Love, We Seek
  178. Let the Hea­vens De­clare
  179. Let the Wak­ing World Adore Him
  180. Let Us Ga­ther Now
  181. Light of the World, Thy Rays Shall Guide
  182. Light of the World
  183. Like as a Fa­ther, God On His Throne
  184. Lilies On the East­er Morn­ing
  185. List to the Words of the King of Love
  186. List, the Song We Hear
  187. Little Bird, Lit­tle Bird
  188. Little Child of Long Ago
  189. Little Child­ren Came to Je­sus
  190. Little Flow­ers of Sum­mer­time
  191. Little Hands for Je­sus, There Is Work to Do
  192. Little Stars That Shine So Fair
  193. Lord of All, Lord of All, Fill with Praise
  194. Lord of Ga­li­lee, Lord of Ga­li­lee
  195. Lord of Ga­li­lee
  196. Love of Je­sus, The
  197. Love of the Fa­ther, Change­less, Di­vine
  198. Loving Me Ere I Knew Him
  199. Loyalty, Our Watch­word
  200. Make Me, Dear Fa­ther, a Bless­ing
  201. Man of Ga­li­lee
  202. March On!
  203. Master, On Cal­va­ry
  204. Mercies Un­mea­sured Are Fill­ing the Hours
  205. Mighty Hills En­circ­ling, The
  206. Mindful of His Mer­cies
  207. Morn of Glo­ry
  208. Mountains and Vales in Your Ver­dure Clad
  209. My Fa­ther’s Hand Is Clasped in Mine
  210. My Sav­ior Is My Shep­herd
  211. My Sav­ior’s Hand Is on the Helm
  212. My Shep­herd Leads Me All the Way
  213. Near When We Need Him
  214. Neath Dark­ened Skies We Sad­ly Fare
  215. Neath the Skies of Spring
  216. No Room in Thy Life for the Sav­ior
  217. Not Far Away, the Christ Is Near
  218. Not My Own, for Je­sus Bought Me
  219. Not Our Own Tal­ents That He Has Lent Us
  220. Nothing but the Best for Je­sus
  221. Now Fades the Day in Crim­son Light
  222. O Blessed Fields of Ju­dah
  223. O Come Ye un­to Na­za­reth
  224. O Lit­tle Lad of Na­za­reth
  225. O Ra­di­ant Morn Thy Ro­sy Light
  226. O Ra­di­ant Morn
  227. O Shin­ing Portal, O Gates of Light
  228. O Silver Ev­en Star, Gleam in the Sky Afar
  229. O Sunlit Ways of Ga­li­lee
  230. O Sunny Slope Which Je­sus Sought
  231. O the Cap­tain Calls for His Sol­diers
  232. O the Ho­ly Light Is Gleam­ing
  233. O Win the World for Je­sus
  234. O’er Life’s Wild Sea
  235. O’er Our Path­way Glow­ing
  236. O’er Sun­lit Ways Glad Notes
  237. O’ershadowed Are the Skies
  238. Once There Was a Star
  239. Only a Touch of the Wound­ed Hand
  240. Onward, O­nward, Sol­diers of the Cross
  241. Out On an Ocean Wide We Sail
  242. Over the Earth Is a Fa­ther’s Love
  243. Pass on the Torch, Pass on the Torch
  244. Path of His Choos­ing, The
  245. Perfect Peace the Gar­den
  246. Pilgrims Throng Through the Ci­ty, The
  247. Pilot of Ga­li­lee, Ev­er We Trust
  248. Praise Ye the Lord
  249. Press On in the Roy­al Way
  250. Prince Di­vine, The
  251. Redeemer Di­vine
  252. Rejoice, Rejoice, See Ye the Portal
  253. Return, Re­turn to Blos­som­ing
  254. Ringing Through the Hush
  255. Rivers to the Ocean Flow­ing
  256. Roll On, O Sun­lit Sea
  257. Room for the Lit­tle Child­ren
  258. Royal Ban­ners Lead the Way, The
  259. Royal Com­mand, The
  260. Royal Way We Tread, A
  261. Safe An­chored for Christ Is Keep­ing
  262. Saw Ye the Son of Man?
  263. Seek Not with Sad­ness
  264. Seek We at Ear­ly Morn
  265. Shepherd in the Star­light, A
  266. Shine for Him
  267. Shine On, Sil­ver Star
  268. Shining for Thee, Shin­ing for Thee
  269. Silvering the Gloom
  270. Silvery Bells Are Ring­ing, The
  271. Sing Ye An­gels at His Tomb
  272. Skies of the Sum­mer Are Glow­ing
  273. Soft o’er the Mea­dows
  274. Softly the Breeze Is Sing­ing
  275. Softly the Light of East­er
  276. Softly, and Low Night Breez­es
  277. Someone Has Need of Kind­ness
  278. Songs of Re­joic­ing Ring­ing
  279. Spread the Sails Re­joic­ing
  280. Spring, Spring, Hail Thy Glad Ap­pear­ing
  281. Stars Glow­ing Bright­ly
  282. Stars Shin­ing in the Mid­night Gloom
  283. Strong in His Strength
  284. Strong in the Strength of the King
  285. Sufficient Grace for Ev­ery Need
  286. Sunbeams for Je­sus E’er Would We Be
  287. Sunlight Is Fad­ing in Qui­et Skies Afar
  288. Sunlit Sea What Me­mo­ries Gold­en
  289. Sunshine Has Scat­tered the Gloom
  290. Sweet Is the Path of Pro­mise
  291. Sweet It Is to Serve Him
  292. Sweet the Toil for Him
  293. There Are Count­less Bless­ings
  294. There Are Fields That to Har­vest Are White
  295. There Are Har­vest Fields Which Whit­en
  296. There Are Words Like Mu­sic Ring­ing
  297. There Is News, Glad News
  298. There’s a Ga­li­le­an Call
  299. There’s a Glo­ry Bright
  300. There’s a Hap­py Har­bor
  301. There’s a Mes­sage from My Fa­ther
  302. There’s a Shep­herd Who Goes
  303. There’s a Song So Sweet­ly Ring­ing
  304. There’s a Task for Help­ers True
  305. There’s a Thought That Comes
  306. There’s a Word of Cheer and Kind­ness
  307. There’s a Work for Je­sus
  308. There’s a Work That Waits Your Hand
  309. There’s an Ar­mor Given
  310. There’s an Ar­my True and Loy­al
  311. There’s Ne­ver a Friend Like Je­sus
  312. There’s Wel­come at the Man­ger
  313. There’s Work That Waits a Will­ing Hand
  314. Thou Art Near, O Fa­ther
  315. Thou Didst Arise
  316. Thou Hast Come from Roy­al Dwell­ing
  317. Thou the Life, the Truth
  318. Though Thy Sins May Be as Scar­let
  319. Thousands Thronged a Qui­et Shore
  320. Time Is Pass­ing By
  321. ’Tis Done for Thee
  322. ’Tis His Chal­lenge Ring­ing
  323. ’Tis Joy to Go Where Je­sus Leads
  324. ’Tis Sweet to Serve
  325. ’Tis Whis­pered Low as the Breez­es Blow
  326. ’Twas a Shep­herd, a Lov­ing Shep­herd
  327. To Thy Gar­den, Sha­dowed Gar­den
  328. Today for the Wan­der­er the Fa­ther Waits
  329. Trumpet That Ne’er Shall Sound Re­treat
  330. Under the Stars Is a Si­lent Town
  331. Under the Sun­set Sky
  332. Unto the Lord in Their Blind­ness
  333. Wake, for the Morn­ing Flings Her Ban­ners
  334. We Come ’Neath Azure Skies of May
  335. We Fain Would Fol­low Je­sus
  336. We Fain Would Fol­low
  337. We Find Our Fa­ther Ev­ery­where
  338. We Have Seen a Star Ce­les­ti­al
  339. We May Not Be the Sowers Who Scat­ter
  340. We See the Lofty Moun­tain High
  341. Welcome to the Sum­mer’s Golden
  342. Welcome, O Ra­di­ant Roses
  343. What Now Is Dwell­ing With­in My Heart
  344. When by Faith I Saw My Lord
  345. When I Reach My Fa­ther’s Dwell­ing
  346. When I Speak to Him in Pray­er
  347. When the Ev­en­ing Sha­dows Bless
  348. Where Shall We Find a Lamp to Shine
  349. Wherefore Sing Ye, Prais­es Bring Ye
  350. Who Are These Be­side the Sea
  351. Win Them for Him!
  352. With a Greet­ing True
  353. With Christ Our Pi­lot Tried and True
  354. Witness for the King
  355. Wonderful Gifts from Hea­ven Above
  356. Wondrous Are the Gifts Di­vine
  357. Wondrous Are the Mer­cies
  358. Wondrous the Word
  359. Wondrous Word, A
  360. Wondrous Words of Joy and Love
  361. Word Eter­nal That Shall E’er En­dure
  362. World Is the Lord’s, The
  363. Ye Mer­ry Birds On Pin­ions

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