March 31, 1770, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

January 23, 1858, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


John was the son of Ebenezer Wyeth and Mary Winship.

He was apprenticed to a printer as a boy. At age 21, he became the manager of a printing company in Santo Domingo, only to barely escape with his life in the insurrection there.

In 1792, he returned to America, and settled in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where he became involved in the publishing business and co-owned a newspaper (The Oracle of Dauphin).

After only a year in Harrisburg, President George Washington appointed him postmaster; he lost his office five years later when President John Adams declared the position to be incompatible with involvement in newspapers. His works include:

These two volumes were hugely successful, selling 150,000 copies.

  1. Brewer
  2. Nettleton
  3. Salford