Early 20th Century
  1. As Pilgrims We’re Traveling
  2. Glory Will Be Mine
  3. I Am a Pilgrim and Stranger in This Earth Land
  4. I Am Bound For Heaven, That Bright City So Fair
  5. I Am Going Onward with Christ Today
  6. I Am Just a Weary, Careworn Pilgrim
  7. I Am Just a Weary Pilgrim
  8. I Am Just A-Passing Through
  9. I Am Often Weary with a Burden
  10. I Am Treading the Pathway That Leads Above
  11. I Have a Mansion in a Beautiful Land
  12. I Will Follow Jesus
  13. If You Are Spending Your Days in Folly
  14. I’m A-Gonna Walk Dem Streets
  15. I’m a Weary Pilgrim, Traveling
  16. I’m Only a Pilgrim Here Below
  17. I’m Only on a Little Visit
  18. I’m Only on a Visit
  19. In My Heart Is Ringing a Song
  20. I’ve Left the Byways of Sorrow That I Traveled
  21. I’ve Read of a Land of Fadeless
  22. I’ve Started in the Race For Heaven
  23. Jesus Came One Happy Day
  24. Jesus Has Lifted Me From Bondage of Sin
  25. Jesus Is Keeping Watch
  26. Jesus Is Reigning in Power Supreme
  27. Life’s Follies and Pleasures
  28. Marching Along the Good Old Way
  29. Million Years from Now, A
  30. Often We Struggle with a Burden to Bear
  31. On This Lonesome Road My Feet Are Daily Faring
  32. Onward I Journey with My Redeemer
  33. Out on the Desert I Wandered Alone
  34. Since I’ve Left the Valley
  35. Since Jesus Came into My Heart and Bade My Load
  36. Sweet Is the Song I’m Singing
  37. There Is a Land of Fadeless Beauty
  38. There’s a City of Joy and Rapture
  39. Though the Shadows of Gray Drive the Sunshine Away
  40. We Have Left the Land of Egypt
  41. We Shall Soon Be Leaving This Old World of Pain
  42. We’ve Come Out to the Lonely Churchyard
  43. What a Happy Day, Cares Will Pass Away
  44. What Plans Have You Made?
  45. When I See Jesus Coming on That Glad Day
  46. When My Heart Is Heavy with the Cares
  47. When Our Travelling Days Are Ended
  48. When the Clouds of Sorrow Fall Over Your Way
  49. When the Cross Is Too Heavy to Bear
  50. When the Storms Are Rolling O’er the Path
  51. When Toiling Is Ended and My Burdens Are Laid
  52. When Your Heart Is Weary
  53. While Going Onward Through Life
  54. Why Should Our Hearts Be Lonely and Say
  55. With Jesus, My Savior, I’m Walking Each Day