Born: June 3, 1936, Romford, Essex, Eng­land.


Wren is an internationally published hymn writer whose work appears in hymnals from many denominations and traditions. Ordained in Britain’s United Reformed Church, he holds BA and PhD degrees from Oxford Un­i­ver­si­ty. On July 1, 2000, he was appointed the first John and Miriam Conant Professor of Worship at Columbia The­o­lo­gic­al Se­mi­na­ry in Atlanta.

His works in­clude:

  1. Arise, Shine Out, Your Light Has Come
  2. As Man and Woman We Were Made
  3. Bring Many Names
  4. Christ Is Alive
  5. Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna!
  6. Christ Loves the Church
  7. Christ, upon the Mountain Peak
  8. Deep in the Shadows of the Past
  9. God Is One, Unique and Holy
  10. God of Many Names
  11. Great God, Your Love Has Called Us Here
  12. How Can We Name a Love
  13. I Am Going to Calvary
  14. I Come with Joy
  15. Is This a Day of New Beginnings?
  16. Jesus on the Mountain Peak
  17. Lord Christ, the Father’s Mighty Son
  18. Lord God, Your Love Has Called Us Here
  19. Lord, When You Came to Jordan
  20. Prophet-Woman Broke a Jar, A
  21. Thank You, God, for Water, Soil, and Air
  22. There’s a Spirit in the Air
  23. This Is a Day of New Beginnings
  24. We Are Your People
  25. When Christ Was Lifted from the Earth
  26. When Love Is Found
  27. When on Life a Darkness Falls
  28. Woman in the Night