December 12, 1800, Poughill, Devonshire, England.

June 9, 1881, St. Marylebone, England.

Wreford trained for the Unitarian ministry at Manchester College, York, and in 1826 succeeded James Yates as co-pastor to John Kentish at the New Meeting in Birmingham. In 1831, his voice failed, and he withdrew from the ministry.

In conjunction with Hugh Hutton, he opened a school at Edgbaston, Birmingham. In 1837, he contributed 55 hymns to John Relly Beard’s Collection of Hymns for Public and Private Worship. Wreford also wrote several volumes of verse, mainly devotional. He spent the latter years of his life in retirement in Bristol. Wreford’s works include:

  1. God of the Ocean, Earth and Sky
  2. Lord, I Believe, Thy Power I Own
  3. Lord, While for All Mankind We Pray
  4. When My Love to God Grows Weak