February 10, 1784.

February 18, 1832.

Son of John Wrangham and Sarah Downs, William married Mary Dunn, daughter of William Dunn and Mary Raisbeck. The 1822 census lists him as a jeweler and silversmith in Louth, Lincolnshire.

Wrangham’s works include:

  1. According to Thy Word, Let Me Thy Mercy Prove
  2. All Ye Who Serve the Lord with Fear
  3. Arise, O Lord, Lift Up Thine Hand
  4. Blest Be the Lord, the God of Love
  5. Eternal God, Celestial King
  6. God of My Strength, in Thee Alone
  7. In Thee, O Lord, I Place My Trust
  8. Lord, Hear Me, When Without Disguise
  9. Lord, I Have Thee My Refuge Made
  10. Lord in Zion Ever Reigns, The
  11. Lord unto My Prayer Attend, The
  12. My Heart Is Fixed on Thee, My God
  13. O All Ye Lands Exalt His Fame
  14. O All Ye Lands, in God Rejoice
  15. O All Ye Nations, Praise the Lord
  16. O All Ye People, Clap Your Hands
  17. O Praise the Lord, For He Is Good
  18. Praise the Lord, His Power Confess
  19. Preserve Thy Faithful Servant, Lord
  20. Search My Heart, My Actions Prove
  21. Show Me, O God, Thy Sacred Way
  22. Soon as the Morning Rays Appear
  23. Thee Will I Bless, O Lord, My God
  24. Thou Shalt, O Lord, Descend
  25. To God Our Voices Let Us Raise
  26. To God, Who Dwells on Zion’s Mount
  27. To Thee, Great God, I Make My Prayer
  28. To Thee, My Righteous King and Lord
  29. When Trouble Fills My Soul with Grief
  30. Ye Mighty Rulers of the Land