August 12, 1835, Greenwich, England.

May 8, 1866, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, of tuberculosis.

Philip was the son of Charles Worsley, Rector of Finchley, Middlesex. He was educated at the Cholmeley grammar school, Highgate, and Corpus Christi College, Oxford (BA & MA, 1861). At Corpus Christi, he won the Newdigate prize in 1857 with a poem on The Temple of Janus, and became a fellow of his college in 1863.

Worsley published a translation of the Odyssey in 1861, a volume of Poems and Translations in 1863, and a translation of the first 12 books of the Iliad in 1865. John Conington completed his Iliad translation after his death.

  1. Grief of Pleasures, The
  1. Day of Anger, Day of Wonder
  2. Heavily with Dread Thou Loomest
  3. Now the World’s Fresh Dawn of Birth
  4. Welcome the Triumphal Token

Worsley’s burial place