October 30, 1807, Bocking, Essex, England.

March 20, 1885, Lincoln, England.

In the graveyard of the church at Riseholme College, north of Lincoln. There are also memorials to him in Lincoln Cathedral and All Saints Church, Harewood, Yorkshire.

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Nephew of poet William Wordsworth, Christopher was both a scholar and athlete in his student days. Later, he served as headmaster of Harrow Boys School (1836–50), which future prime minister Winston Churchill would attend a century or so later. Wordsworth was also Vicar at Stanford-in-the-Vale, Berkshire (1850–69), and Archdeacon of Westminster, and became Bishop of Lincoln in 1868. A recognized Greek scholar, he also wrote theological and other works. Of his hymns, he said, It is the first duty of a hymn to teach sound doctrine and thence to save souls. His works include:

  1. Arm These Thy Soldiers, Mighty Lord
  2. Banner of the Cross, The
  3. Day Is Gently Sinking to a Close, The
  4. Father of All, from Land and Sea
  5. Father, We Humbly Pray
  6. Five Pebbles from the Brook
  7. Galilean Fishers Toil, The
  8. Giver of Law Is God’s Dear Son
  9. Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
  10. Hallelujah! Christ Is Risen
  11. Hark! the Sound of Holy Voices
  12. Hearts to Heaven and Voices Raise
  13. Heav’nly Father, Send Thy Blessing
  14. Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
  15. How Blessed Is the Force of Prayer
  16. How Blest Are Hearts Which Christ the Lord
  17. How Wondrous and Mysterious Are
  18. In Sorrow and Distress
  19. In Thy Glorious Resurrection
  20. Lo He Comes! Whom Every Nation
  21. Lord, Be Thy Word My Rule
  22. Lord, May We Never, Save to One
  23. Lord, Not with Poor and Paltry Gifts
  24. Lord, Who Didst the Prophets Teach
  25. Man Fell from Grace by Carnal Appetite
  26. Mankind in Adam Fell
  27. Not Bound by Chains, Nor Pent in Cells
  28. Not Gifts or Prophecy Can Save
  29. O Day of Rest and Gladness
  30. O Fear Not Though Before Thee Lies
  31. O Jerusalem Beloved
  32. O Lord of Heav’n and Earth and Sea
  33. O Lord, Our Strength in Weakness
  34. O Lord, Who in Thy Love Divine
  35. O Savior, Who at Nain’s Gate
  36. O Son of God, the Eternal Word
  37. On Every New-Born Babe of Earth
  38. Once All the Nations Were as One
  39. Peace to This House!
  40. See, the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph
  41. Sing, O Sing, This Blessèd Morn
  42. Songs of Thankfulness and Praise
  43. Thou Bidd’st Us Visit in Distress
  44. Thou Hast a Temple Founded
  45. Today, O Lord, the Holy James
  46. Today with Bright Effulgence Shine
  47. Upon the Sixth Day of the Week
  48. We All, O God, Unrighteous Are
  49. We Hear the Toiling Bell
  50. When from the City of Our God
  51. When Thou, O Lord, Didst Send the Twelve