January 18, 1861, Brooklyn, New York.

December 25, 1943, Brooklyn, New York.

Ridgefield Cemetery, Ridgefield, New Jersey.


Raymond was the son of Jonathan C. Woodman and Sarah Ann Copeland, and husband of Ethel Righter.

Woodman studied under his father; Dudley Buck of New York (1881–85); and Caesar Franck of Paris. He began his musical career singing at St. George’s Church in Long Island, New York, then at age 18 became organist at Christ Church in Norwich, Connecticut. He went on to serve as organist and choirmaster at the First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, New York (1880–1941); professor of music at Packer Collegiate Institute, New York City; warden of the Guild of American Organists; and vice-president of the Department of Music at the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. He also edited a church music department for the New York Evangelist (1894–97). His works include:

  1. Adoration
  2. Christian Flag, The
  3. Unity
  4. Woodman

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