October 23, 1819, Beverly, Massachusetts.

October 26, 1858, Columbia, South Carolina.

Norwalk Union Cemetery, Norwalk, Connecticut.


Woodbury studied with Lowell Mason in Boston, Massachusetts. He had further studies in Paris and London in the late 1830’s. After returning to Boston, he taught music, played the organ, and conducted choral groups. He edited World of Music and the American Monthly Musical Review. In 1849, he moved to New York. After contracting tuberculosis, he traveled in the Mediterranean and Florida. His works include oratorios, cantatas, chorus, glees, piano pieces, teaching pieces, and:

His wife was Mary Abby Putnam.

  1. Ho, Reapers of Life’s Harvest
  1. Burlin
  2. Burton
  3. Chopin
  4. Edmeston
  5. Ella
  6. Eucharist
  7. Faithful
  8. Lake Enon
  9. Modena
  10. Nearer Home
  11. Phillips
  12. Rakem
  13. Rockport
  14. Selena
  15. Siloam
  16. Sinner Forgiven, A
  17. Speed Away, Heralds of Light
  18. Talmar
  19. Vanmeter
  20. Woodbury