20th Century
  1. As I Travel Down Life’s Pathway
  2. As I Walk Each Day in the Gospel Way
  3. Evening Shadows Are Gathering
  4. God’s People Here May Suffer
  5. I Have for You a Wreath of Flowers
  6. If I Should Live a Thousand Years
  7. I’m Dreaming
  8. I’m Just a Little Old Fashioned
  9. In This Short Life with Its Toil and Strife
  10. I’ve Been a Long Time Traveling
  11. No One Will Ever Grow Old
  12. Now Peter and John Were Righteous
  13. Passing Through This World of Sorrow
  14. Paul and Silas Were Cast into Prison
  15. So Many in Darkness Are Wandering
  16. Soon This Old World Will Pass
  17. There’s Gonna’ Be a Celebration
  18. When I Reach My Home in Heaven
  19. When This Life Shall End
  20. You’d Better Wake Up and Serve the Lord