George Wyther

June 11, 1588, Bentworth (near Alton), Hampshire, England.

May 2, 1667.

Savoy Chapel churchyard, Strand, City of Westminster, Greater London, England. He seems to have lived nearby.


Wither’s early education was at the Grammar School of Colemore (or Colemere), under its celebrated master, John Greaves. In 1604, he entered Magdalen College, Oxford, where his tutor was John Warner (the later Bishop of Rochester). Wither had been there only three years when his father, following bad advice that further education was unnecessary, withdrew George from the university. Notwithstanding, Wither went to become one of the pre-eminent Puritan poets. His works include:

  1. As on the Night Before
  2. Behold the Sun
  3. Lord, with What Zeal
  4. Teach Us by His Example
  5. That Rage Whereof the Psalm
  6. That So Thy Blessèd Birth
  7. Veil, Lord, Mine Eyes Till She Be Past

Wither’s place of death