January 21, 1855, Freedom, Maine.

After 1909 (he appears in the 1910 census)

Burton was the son of Allen Pilsbury Winslow and Lonathy Adeline Hockey, and husband of Annie Porter Perry. He graduated from the Lewiston, Maine, high school in 1871. He edited religious papers (1878-79), and began publishing Sunday School Concert Exercises in 1887.

Winslow worked as a draftsman in an architect’s shop, and as paymaster at cotton mills of the Pepperell Manufacturing Company, Biddeford, Maine. He also served as a Baptist deacon for 24 years, Sunday school superintendent for 14 years, and was a member of Baptist churches in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and Lewiston and Saco, Maine. His works include:


Yon purple haze, from ancient hilltops breaking,
But faintly gleams with dim prophetic light,
As o’er the centuries, dim hope awaking
Shines feebly through the night.
With sullen fear, or passion’s fiery beating
O’er hopeless graves, love seeks for light in vain—
Hark! hear the accents tenderly repeating:
Your dead shall live again!

He comes! He comes! The Lord of life and glory!
He comes to bring dark earth the glorious dawn.
Take heart, and soul! For thee this blessed story!
Hope thou! ’Tis Eastern morn!

’Tis Eastern morn! The purple haze of ages
Glows with the light from heaven’s transcendent throne.
The distant dawn, proclaimed by sacred sages,
To glorious day is grown!
Mid angel forms, the wondrous truth revealing,
Love sees her own in glittering heavenly sheen;
Love hears triumphant heavenly echoes pealing,
With but a veil between.

Burton H. Winslow, The Watchman, p. 20
Boston, Massachusetts: Tremont Temple
March 31, 1904

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