September 8, 1876, Arkansas.

December 28, 1927, Alton Park, Tennessee.

Greenwood Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

R. F. R. Bell.

Birdie was the daughter of John Harris. In 1904, she was a primary school teacher in Beulah (later renamed Carter), Oklahoma. She taught in the first Holy Ghost school in Oklahoma, named Beulah Home of Emmanuel’s Bible School, Beulah Colony, Oklahoma. The school was founded by members of the Holiness, Pentecostal, or Assemblies of God denominations. While she taught there, Robert Winsett was the school’s music teacher, and the two later married. In 1910, they were living in El Paso County, Texas. As of 1920, they were in Hamilton County, Tennessee.

  1. Along the Path of Life
  2. Blessèd Book, The
  3. Christ’s Natal Day
  4. Down at the Crystal River’s Brink
  5. Each Step of the Way
  6. Gospel Light, The
  7. Harvest Fields Are Waiting
  8. He Is Precious!
  9. Heralds of Salvation
  10. His Guiding Hand
  11. Homesick for Thee
  12. I’m Standing on the Rock of Ages
  13. King’s Palace, The
  14. Life’s Pilgrimage
  15. Master’s Way, The
  16. Mizpah
  17. More of Thy Sunshine
  18. My Father’s Storehouse
  19. Pearl of Great Price, The
  20. Resting by the Well
  21. Shepherd Divine
  22. Smile in the Heart, A
  23. Song and the Star, The
  24. Tell the Blessèd Story
  25. Welcome to Christmas

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