March 24, 1835, Tårs, Lolland, Denmark.

June 17, 1899, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Søllerød Cemetery, Søllerød, Rudersdal, Hovedstaden, Denmark.


Winding’s father was a clergyman who collected and arranged Danish folk songs and was his son’s first music teacher. August had composition lessons with Carl Reinecke at the Leipzig Conservatory in 1847. From 1848–51, he studied the piano there with Anton Rée (1820–1886), who had been an acquaintance of Frédéric Chopin, as well as theory and composition with Niels Gade. In 1856 he conducted further study in Leipzig, and had lessons with Alexander Dreyschock in Prague.

Winding’s public career was originally as a pianist. He played in many countries of Europe, specializing in Beethoven and Mozart. His calling card was Beethoven’s 4th Piano Concerto.

In 1864, Winding married Johan Hartmann’s daughter Clara. In 1867 he became a teacher at the Royal Danish Conservatory in Copenhagen and privately.

In 1867, Winding injured his arm through overwork, which forced his retirement as a performer, but also let him devote himself to composing. He resumed teaching at the conservatorium in 1881. Between 1888 and his death he gave some further concerts.

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