August 6, 1845, Charleston, Maine.

May 12, 1933.

Rich Cemetery (also known as the Lord Cemetery), near Charleston, Maine.


Daughter of Amos and Mary A. Rich, Mary married Ebenezer Hebberd in 1869 in Charleston, and had a son, Erving H. Hebberd, around 1873. Ebenezer passed away in 1874, and Mary remarried to Ezra K. Wingate in 1878. They had a son, Walter M. Wingate, in 1884. As of 1900, Mary and Ezra were still in Corinth, but by 1910 had moved to Pittsfield, Maine, and were still there as of 1920. Mary’s works in­clude:

  1. Answering Time Will Come, The
  2. Believe Ye That I Am Able?
  3. Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd
  4. Just One Glimpse
  5. My Mother’s God
  6. Trust and Wait