No­vem­ber 13, 1856, on a farm near South Whit­ley, In­di­a­na. Birth name: Ma­ry Jane Wil­son.

Sep­tem­ber 3, 1913, at the home of her sis­ter Eli­za Ann (Mrs. Jon­a­than Ul­rey), South Whit­ley, In­di­a­na.

South Whit­ley Ce­me­te­ry, South Whit­ley, In­di­a­na.

1907 Christmas Card

Jennie was the daugh­ter of Ro­bert Wil­son & Mary Fran­ces Rus­sell. The 1870, 1880 & 1900 cen­sus­es show her fam­i­ly in Cleve­land, In­di­a­na.

Jennie was af­flict­ed with a spin­al con­di­tion at age four, and spent her life in a wheel chair. She was bap­tized in 1881, be­ing car­ried on a chair to a tree shad­ed stream. She said of the ex­per­i­ence, It gave me much joy to thus con­fess my dear Sav­ior. She nev­er at­tend­ed school, but was ed­u­cat­ed at home. Her first po­ems ap­peared in a lo­cal paper. Lat­er, through the in­flu­ence of Rev­er­end Ja­cob D. Cov­er­stone (1847–1930), she sent hymns to a pub­li­ca­tion in Day­ton, Ohio.

Her first hymn was All the Way; not know­ing it had been pub­lished, she was plea­sant­ly sur­prised when it was found in new song books bought for the Sun­day School in her neigh­bor­hood. She is said to have writ­ten over 3,000 texts, and was once called the Fan­ny Cro­sby of the West. To quote Hall:

Miss Wil­son shows no trace of in­val­id­ism in her lit­er­ary work. One of her poems en­ti­tled, A Mem­o­ry Pic­ture, is an ex­cep­tion. It re­fers to scen­e­ry near the old home, and al­ludes to mem­o­ries of the days when she could walk.

Even though wheel­chair bound, she en­joyed at­tend­ing Bi­ble con­fer­enc­es at near­by Wi­no­na Lake, In­di­a­na, and other lo­ca­tions.

  1. Across the Plains of Time We Hear
  2. Afar from Earth Is a Sum­mer Land
  3. After the Con­flict Is Over
  4. After the Life-Paths
  5. After the Toil­ing of Time
  6. After While, All the Sor­rows
  7. Air of Death Breathes Through Our Souls, The
  8. All Along the Way to Hap­py Lands Above
  9. All the Sha­dows of Time
  10. All the Way Through This Life
  11. Always Abound­ing in Work
  12. Are You a Sol­dier of the Cross?
  13. Are You Ac­quaint­ed with Je­sus, the Friend?
  14. Are You En­rolled in the Army of Right?
  15. Are You Striv­ing to Be Fait­hful?
  16. Are You Trav­el­ing Home in the On­ly True Way?
  17. Are You Weary of Bear­ing the Bur­dens?
  18. Are You Wea­ry of Your Wan­der­ing?
  19. Are You Work­ing in the Vine­yard?
  20. As a Pil­grim Band Bound for Ca­naan’s Land
  21. As Along the Rug­ged Path of Life
  22. As Ev­en­ing Sha­dows Soft­ly Fall
  23. As I Jour­ney Daily ’Mid These Scenes Be­low
  24. As on Life’s Trou­bled Ocean
  25. As Once He Stilled the Ang­ry Waves
  26. As the Chang­ing Sea­sons Come and Go
  27. As the Days Come and Go
  28. As the Days of This Earth Life Are Hast­en­ing On
  29. As the Moun­tains Sur­round Jer­u­sa­lem
  30. As We Sow, We Must Reap
  31. As We War­fare Wage in Our Chris­tian Life
  32. As You Jour­ney o’er Life’s High­way
  33. As You Jour­ney on Through Life
  34. As You On­ward Glide
  35. As You Pass Along Your Way
  36. As You Seek the Ci­ty That Is Built
  37. At the Call­ing of the Roll
  38. At the Com­ing of the Bride­groom
  39. Awaken from Thy Slum­ber
  40. Away, Away Where the Gold­en Grain
  41. Awhile I Must Labor of Je­sus Below
  42. Be a Loy­al Sol­dier in the Ar­my of the King
  43. Be a Mes­sen­ger for Je­sus
  44. Be a Reap­er for the Mas­ter
  45. Be a Volun­teer for Je­sus
  46. Be Faithf­ul, Chris­tian Sol­diers
  47. Be Thou with Us, Lov­ing Sav­ior
  48. Be Ye Ready to An­swer
  49. Bear the Glad Mes­sage
  50. Bear Ye One An­o­ther’s Bur­dens
  51. Beautiful Ci­ty Beyond the Tide
  52. Beautiful Home, The
  53. Beautiful Land of the Glo­ri­fied
  54. Beautiful Night of the Long Ago
  55. Beautiful Sto­ry in God’s Book, A
  56. Believing on the Sav­ior
  57. Beneath the Ban­ner of Je­sus
  58. Beside the Beau­t­iful River
  59. Beyond the Clouds a Gold­en Light
  60. Beyond the Dusky Ocean
  61. Beyond the Gloom and Sor­row
  62. Beyond the Val­ley of the Sha­dow
  63. Blessed Sab­bath Home
  64. Bring in the Lambs
  65. Brother, Are You Now Re­treat­ing?
  66. Brother Bat­tling with the World’s Temp­ta­tion
  67. Brother Brave­ly Do Your Part
  68. Brother, Go Where the Grain
  69. Brother Stand­ing on the Shore
  70. Brother Strug­gling Brave­ly
  71. Built on Shin­ing Heights
  72. Busy Years of Time, The
  73. But a Lit­tle While
  74. By and By, in Realms Eter­nal
  75. By and By, the Hour Will Come
  76. By and By, We’ll Walk in Light Su­per­nal
  77. By and By Will End on the Si­lent Strand
  78. By Faith I See Thy Hap­py Shore
  79. By the Ri­ver Pure as Crys­tal
  80. Call the Roll for Je­sus
  81. Called Home from Ser­vice to Re­ward
  82. Can We Count on You on Our Side?
  83. Can You Sing, Glad­ly Sing?
  84. Can You Slight the Lov­ing Je­sus?
  85. Children Are Prais­ing the Sav­ior Today
  86. Choose the Up­ward Road
  87. Choose Ye the Hea­ven­ward Way in Youth
  88. Christ Is Say­ing, Follow Me
  89. Chris­tian Hosts Afar and Near
  90. Christ’s Mes­sen­gers Are Go­ing
  91. Come and Rest at the Feet of the Sav­ior
  92. Come Close to the Foun­tain
  93. Come Clos­er to the Savi­or
  94. Come to Je­sus, Guilt Con­fes­sing
  95. Come to Je­sus Today
  96. Come to the Home­fold, Prod­i­gal Child
  97. Come un­to Me, Are the Words That Je­sus
  98. Comfort Others
  99. Coming to the Cross of Je­sus
  100. Comrades in the Chris­tian Con­flict
  101. Count It All Joy While Work­ing for Je­sus
  102. Daily Be My Guide, O Sav­ior
  103. Daily March­ing On­ward
  104. Day Is End­ing, Fast­er, Fast­er, The
  105. Dearest Sto­ry of All to Me, The
  106. Do You Seek the Gold­en Ci­ty?
  107. Door of the Hea­ven­ly King­dom, The
  108. Door of the King­dom Is Open for Thee, The
  109. Down in the Dus­ky Val­ley
  110. Each Soul Must Stand at the Bar of God
  111. Early in the Morn­ing of Life
  112. Enlist in the Ar­my of Je­sus
  113. Enlisted in the Chris­tian Ranks
  114. Enrolled in the Sun­day School
  115. Erring One Afar from Home
  116. Erring One, Je­sus Is Call­ing to Thee
  117. Exalt the Name of Je­sus
  118. Face of Earth Is Smil­ing, The
  119. Face to Face in Glo­ry
  120. Faith Discerns a Coun­try
  121. Far Above the Swell­ing Tide
  122. Far Away from the Sha­dowy Low-Lands of Time
  123. Far Away on Shores Su­per­nal
  124. Far Beyond All Earth­ly Splen­dor
  125. Father, I’m Com­ing Home to Thee
  126. Fear Not as You Fight
  127. Float, Proudly, Float on Land and Sea
  128. Follow on Where the Sa­vior Is Guid­ing
  129. Forward to Ca­naan’s Fair Count­ry We Go
  130. From Afar Through Ag­es Beam­ing
  131. From Day to Day, I Need the Ten­der
  132. From the Place Where We Ga­ther
  133. From the Whelm­ing Tide
  134. From the Wound­ed Side of Je­sus
  135. Fully Trust the Lov­ing Sav­ior
  136. Fully Trust­ing Je­sus and His Bound­less Love
  137. Gather Gold­en Fruit for Je­sus
  138. Gather the Child­ren in for the Lord
  139. Gathering Home to a Beau­ti­ful Coun­try
  140. Gathering Jew­els Pure
  141. Gathering Sheaves for Je­sus
  142. Gliding Swift­ly On
  143. Give Your Heart in Youth to Je­sus
  144. Gladly Sing­ing of My Sa­vior
  145. Gladly Will We Sing of There
  146. Glorious Home Is Over There, A
  147. Glorious Mar­riage Sup­per, The
  148. Go Forth to the Batt­le­field, Bro­ther
  149. Go Forth to the Con­flict, O Sol­dier
  150. Go For­ward in the Name of Je­sus
  151. Go Through the Gates, O Church of Christ
  152. Go with the Mes­sage of Par­don
  153. Hallelujah, Re­joice
  154. Happy in the Love of Je­sus
  155. Happy Land, The
  156. Happy Sound Is Float­ing Thro’ the Air, A
  157. Hark, the Sav­ior Speaks with Gen­tle Voice
  158. Hark, the Spir­it’s Voice Is Say­ing
  159. Hark to the Child­ren’s Praise
  160. Hark to the Cry
  161. Hark to the Tread of the Child­ren’s Army
  162. Hark, Where’er You Wan­der
  163. Harvester’s Joy, O How Sweet, The
  164. Hasten Thy Com­ing, O Sav­ior
  165. Hastening For­ward to Bat­tle with Sin
  166. Have You En­list­ed for Jes­us?
  167. Have You Passed, O My Bro­ther from Death un­to Life
  168. Hear the Bless­ed Mas­ter Speak­ing
  169. Hear the Call for Your Help
  170. Hear the Call to Bat­tle
  171. Hear Us, Gra­cious Fathe­r
  172. Hearken Now to the Voice of the Spir­it
  173. Hearken One and All to the Ear­nest Call
  174. Heed, Oh, Heed the Voice Di­vine
  175. Hold High the Gos­pel Ba­nner
  176. Hold the Lamp of Life Aloft
  177. Hold to God’s Un­chang­ing Hand
  178. Holding Up the Ban­ner of Our Sav­ior
  179. Holy Fa­ther, Bless Our Spir­its
  180. Holy One, Thy Lov­ing Kind­ness
  181. Homeland of Beau­ty Lies Over the Tide, A
  182. Hosanna to Je­sus the Lov­ing
  183. Hosanna to the King!
  184. How Are You Build­ing, My Bro­ther?
  185. How Are You Deal­ing with Je­sus?
  186. I Am a Hap­py Chris­tian
  187. I Am Fully Trust­ing Je­sus
  188. I Am Go­ing, Glad­ly Go­ing
  189. I Am Hap­py in the Love of My Sav­ior
  190. I Am Look­ing Away to That Cloud­less Shore
  191. I Am Look­ing Beyond the Dar­kness
  192. I Am Now on the Way to My Home­land
  193. I Am Resti­ng at the Cross
  194. I Am Saved Through Je­sus’ Pow­er
  195. I Am Told of a Love That Is Pure and Di­vine
  196. I Am Walk­ing in the Light
  197. I Belong to the Army of Je­sus
  198. I Cannot See What in the Fu­ture
  199. I Have a Friend Who Will E’er Be
  200. I Have a Hope Di­vine
  201. I Have Been Re­deemed from the Pow­er of Sin
  202. I Have Found a Joy Earth Can Ne­ver Give
  203. I Have Found Re­lease
  204. I Have Heard a Bless­ed Sto­ry
  205. I Hear Thee Speak of a Bet­ter Creed
  206. I Heard a Voice from Hea­ven
  207. I Know Not What Is Be­fore Me
  208. I Long to Learn More of the Bless­ed Sav­ior
  209. I Love My Sav­ior and Sing
  210. I Love to Hear the Sab­bath Bells
  211. I Need Not Ask What Time Will Bring
  212. I Ne­ver Tread Life’s Path Alone
  213. I Want to Win the Crown of Life
  214. I Will Ex­tol Him
  215. I Will Kneel at the Cross
  216. I Will Sing of the Merc­ies of the Lord
  217. I Would Be a Con­stant Light
  218. I Would Tread That Path­way Only
  219. If the Clouds Are Drift­ing
  220. If to Christ Thou Art a Stran­ger
  221. If True Hap­pi­ness Here You Would Know
  222. If We Fear and Trust the Lord
  223. If You Have Not Strength
  224. If You Seek That Bliss­ful Home
  225. I’m Com­ing to My Sav­ior
  226. In My Heart Is a Blest As­sur­ance
  227. In Our March to Zi­on’s Ci­ty
  228. In That Glo­ri­ous Heav­en­ly Ci­ty
  229. In the Beau­ti­ful Days of Child­hood
  230. In the Days of Youth When the Morn­ing Sun­light
  231. In the Daytime’s Gold­en Light
  232. In the Fair Wick­ed Ci­ty of Co­rinth
  233. In the Far Away Land
  234. In the Field of Life
  235. In the Hap­py By and By Where Our Joy
  236. In the Har­vest Field Where the Faith­ful Toil
  237. In the Holy Chris­tian War­fare
  238. In the Land of Joy Su­per­nal
  239. In the Lord’s Wide Har­vest Field
  240. In the Mighty Co­nflict Being Waged
  241. In the Morn­ing of Life Learn to Love the Lord
  242. In the Ser­vice of the Lord
  243. In the Sha­dow of His Hand He Hides Me
  244. In the Sha­dow of the Rock I Am Sweet­ly Resting Now
  245. In the Sha­dy Wood­lands Sweet It Is to Roam
  246. In the Sin Cloud­ed Val­ley of Earth Life
  247. In the Sun Bright Clime Where Re­deemed Ones Dwell
  248. In the Vine­yard of the Ma­ster
  249. In This World of Care Enc­um­bered
  250. In This World, So Full of Sad­ness
  251. Is There An­y­one Here Who Is Way­worn and Wea­ry?
  252. Is Your Lamp Burn­ing Low, My Bro­ther?
  253. Jesus Alone Can Save You
  254. Jesus Called the Child­ren to Him Long Ago
  255. Jesus Came to Bring Us Light and Joy
  256. Jesus Is Call­ing the Child­ren
  257. Jesus Is Call­ing the Lambs to His Fold
  258. Jesus Is Call­ing You to the Light
  259. Jesus Is Our Friend For­ev­er
  260. Jesus Loves Lit­tle Child­ren
  261. Jesus Of­fers Me Life’s Bright Di­a­dem
  262. Jesus Only Can Go with Me
  263. Jesus Saves, O Guil­ty Soul, Come in Faith
  264. Jewels for Je­sus, Let Us Shine
  265. Joy Com­eth in the Morn­ing
  266. Joy of Sal­va­tion Is Now in My Soul, The
  267. Judgment Is Com­ing, The
  268. Just Be­yond the Dark Stream by the Bor­der
  269. Just Be­yond the Roll­ing Tide
  270. Just Now Is the Time to Come
  271. Keep Close to the Side of Je­sus
  272. Keep March­ing on to Life’s
  273. Kissed by the White Pin­ioned Angel
  274. Labor for Je­sus Each Pass­ing Day
  275. Labor On, and Mur­mur Not
  276. Labor While Life’s Sun Is Shin­ing
  277. Lead the Lit­tle Ones in the Way
  278. Learn to Scat­ter Sun­shine
  279. Let Hea­ven Be Your Goal
  280. Let Me Be a Light for Je­sus
  281. Let the Good Seed Take Root
  282. Let the Sav­ior Pi­lot Thee
  283. Let Your Light Shine Out
  284. Life Is Like a Mighty Ri­ver
  285. Life May Bring You Burdens
  286. Lift Your Eyes and Be­hold
  287. Light of God Is Fall­ing, The
  288. Light of God Shines Clear, The
  289. Like a Foun­tain in the Des­ert
  290. Like a Good Shep­herd in Ac­cent
  291. Like a Harp Our Lives Send Forth Mu­sic
  292. Like a Low and Som­ber Val­ley
  293. Like a Stead­fast Rock Was the Faith of Dan­i­el
  294. Like an Echo of Ho­ly An­gel­ic Strains
  295. Linger Not, the Lord Is Call­ing
  296. Look Be­yond the Sha­dowy Vale of Time
  297. Look For­ward to Vic­to­ry, Sol­diers of Je­sus
  298. Look on the Fields Where the Har­vest Is Wai­ting
  299. Lord, Be Thou My Help­er
  300. Lord, into Some Drea­ry Spot
  301. Lord Will Dwell on Earth, The
  302. Loving Sav­ior Calls You Home, The
  303. Make Bright­er the Lives That Lie Near
  304. Make Me a Glean­er for Thee, O Lord
  305. Make the World a Lit­tle Bright­er
  306. March on to Vic­to­ry
  307. March on Where King Je­sus Com­mands You to Go
  308. March On­ward, Glad­ly On­ward
  309. Marching Along, Sol­diers, Has­ten Away
  310. Marching Forth to Con­quer in the High­est Name
  311. Marching On to Glo­ry Day by Day
  312. Master’s Voice Is Call­ing, The
  313. May the Love of God Be with You
  314. Meet Me There
  315. Mid All the Var­ied Sound
  316. Mid Earth’s Con­flicts and Cares
  317. Mid the Beat­ing Storms of This Mor­tal Life
  318. Mid Time’s Chang­ing Scenes
  319. Mingling with Sad, Sad Weep­ing
  320. More Prec­ious Than Sil­ver
  321. My Bro­ther, Stand Firm for the Truth
  322. My Frail Bark Is Toss­ing
  323. My Re­deem­er Is So Pre­cious
  324. My Sav­ior Will Not Leave Me
  325. My Soul Grows Wea­ry of Doubt
  326. No Other Friend Is Like Je­sus
  327. None but Je­sus’ Trou­bled Heart
  328. Not as the World Giv­eth
  329. Now Is the Time to Serve the Lord
  330. Now, Just Now, While the Lord
  331. O Be Glad in the Glo­ri­ous Work
  332. O Be of Good Cheer Ye Who
  333. O Be True to God in Your Ser­vice Here
  334. O Beau­ti­ful Ci­ty Above
  335. O Bless­ed Friend, Abide with Me
  336. O, Cal­va­ry, Thy Sac­red Name
  337. O Come and Lose the Stain of Sin
  338. O Come, Let Hap­py Voic­es
  339. O Gal­il­ee, Fair Gal­il­ee, Our Bless­ed Mas­ter
  340. O Guilty One, with Evil Deep­ly Dyed
  341. O Hea­ven Is Not Far Away
  342. O Home Sweet Home
  343. O How Sweet to La­bor
  344. O I Love the Sweet Pro­mise
  345. O Je­sus, Bless­ed Sav­ior, Thou
  346. O Lamb of God, I Come to Thee
  347. O, Love and Grace Di­vine
  348. O Lovely Eas­ter Lil­ies
  349. O Mother, Thou Art Safe Above
  350. O Mourning Hearts, Be Com­forte­d
  351. O My Heart Is Full of Glad­ness
  352. O My Soul, Ne’er Grow Des­pon­dent
  353. O Pre­cious Thought That
  354. O, Ral­ly at the Bu­gle Call
  355. O Seek for Par­don, No Longer Wait
  356. O Shipwrecked Soul, upon the Bi­llows
  357. O Sinner, Hear the Sav­ior Call­ing
  358. O Sinner, Seeking Rest and Peace
  359. O Sinner, the Sav­ior Is Call­ing
  360. O Sinner, Turn from World­ly Strife
  361. O Soul, Sal­va­tion Waits for Thee
  362. O Souls That Are Sad, Have Faith
  363. O Tell Abroad the Bless­ed Sto­ry
  364. O Tempest Tossed Sail­or on Time’s Mighty Sea
  365. O the Glo­ry Song
  366. O the Hap­py Sab­bath Days
  367. O the Joy of Full Sal­va­tion
  368. O the Liv­ing Wa­ter Is Free for All
  369. O There Is a Hap­py Coun­try
  370. O There Will Be Joy
  371. O Thou Who Art Liv­ing a Life of Sin
  372. O Thou Whose Pow­er Doth En­dure
  373. O Wanderer from God, Come Home
  374. O Wandering One, Come to the Foun­tain of Cleans­ing
  375. O What Won­der­ful Mes­sage
  376. O Wondrous Cross of Cal­va­ry
  377. O Ye Sad Heart­ed Ones, Press On
  378. O’er the Bil­lows Light Is Stream­ing
  379. Offering Trib­utes of Praise
  380. Oft Our Voic­es Min­gle
  381. Often This Thought Sweet­ly Comes to Me
  382. Oh, Who Are the Faith­ful Ones Serv­ing the Lord
  383. On the Ocean of Life I Can Fear­less­ly Sail
  384. On the Paths of Life My Mas­ter’s
  385. On the Sol­id Rock or the Shift­ing Sand
  386. On the Wings of Faith My Spir­it
  387. On the World’s Great Bat­tle­field
  388. On to Vic­to­ry Shall Our Mot­to Be
  389. On with the Bat­tle
  390. One by One, Our Friends Are Called
  391. One by One, the Faith­ful
  392. One Day I Chanced to Pass Along
  393. One More Li­ttle Lamb Is with Je­sus
  394. Only a Lit­tle While Longer
  395. One Thou­sand Years
  396. Our Lord Is Com­ing to Earth Again
  397. Our Sav­ior Is Wait­ing
  398. Out in the Harv­est Field of God
  399. Over Sin’s Moun­tains Like Sheep As­tray
  400. Over the Stars Is a Morn­ing-Lit Land
  401. Over the Tide by Faith
  402. Overhead Dark Clouds Had Ga­thered
  403. Palaces of Glo­ry, The
  404. Path Is Rug­ged, The
  405. Portals of the Sav­ior’s King­dom
  406. Promise Has Been Giv­en, The
  407. Proudly Wave, O Flag
  408. Put on the Glo­ri­ous Ar­mor of Light
  409. Put Your Trust in Je­sus
  410. Rally Now as Chris­tian Soldiers
  411. Redeemed Ones Are Sing­ing
  412. Remembering the Crown
  413. Resting in the Lord
  414. Royal Road, The
  415. Safe Upon the Shin­ing Strand
  416. Salvation Is Found Through No Other Name
  417. Saved by the Blood of Je­sus I Am from Sin Set Free
  418. Savior Hath Spo­ken with Ear­nest Voice, The
  419. Savior In­vites to the Hea­ven­ly Home, The
  420. Savior Ten­der­ly Call­eth Thee, The
  421. Scatter Love’s Bright Sun­beams
  422. Seek the Bless­ings of a Heart Made Pure
  423. Seek the Ci­ty Above
  424. Seek to Scat­ter Gold­en Sun­beams
  425. Seeking in Faith
  426. Send the Christ­mas Tidings
  427. Send the Mes­sage Back to Glo­ry
  428. Serve the Lord in Life’s Glad Morn­ing
  429. Serving the Lord We Are Ne­ver Alone
  430. Shadow of the Cross
  431. She Hath Done What She Could
  432. Shelter Me, O Rock of Ag­es
  433. Shine Thou Through My Life
  434. Since I Can Tell
  435. Sinful One, and All De­filed
  436. Sinful One, the Sav­ior Calls You
  437. Sinful One, Where’er Thou Art
  438. Sing for Joy, the Wea­ry Na­tions Now Be­hold
  439. Sing Prais­es to the Sav­ior, King
  440. Singing in the Storm
  441. Singing of Je­sus, Our Sav­ior
  442. Sinner, Hear the Sav­ior Call­ing
  443. Sinner, Heed the Mes­sage Sent to Thee
  444. Sinner, Je­sus Is Call­ing with His Gen­tle Voice
  445. Sinner, Step Across the Line
  446. Sinner, Though You Turn from Je­sus
  447. Soldiers, Hear the Bu­gle Call­ing
  448. Soldiers of the Lord, Hear the Bu­gle Call
  449. Some Day Af­ter These Earth­ly
  450. Some Day, Be­yond the Val­ley
  451. Some Day I Shall Drift from the Mar­gin of Time
  452. Someday Af­ter These Earth­ly
  453. Sometime the Dusk Will Sof­tly Fall
  454. Sow in Faith Be­side All Wa­ters
  455. Sow the Good Seed for the Mas­ter
  456. Spirit Is Plead­ing, The
  457. Stand Like a He­ro
  458. Steep and Toil­some Is the Road I Tread
  459. Step by Step
  460. Step Out, My Bro­ther
  461. Still They Re­sound as in Days of Old
  462. Story of Grace, The
  463. Sweet Be Thy Rest
  464. Sweet Is the Sto­ry Ne­ver Grown Old
  465. Sweet Is the Sto­ry of Christ and His Love
  466. Sweet Is the Sto­ry of Mer­cy and Love Di­vine
  467. Sweet Is This Bless­ed As­sur­ance
  468. Sweet Voic­es Float from Eden’s Land
  469. Sweetly Rest in Dream­less
  470. Sweetly Rest­ing Af­ter La­bor
  471. Swift the Bil­lows of Life’s Stormy Sea
  472. Swiftly Flow­ing Like a Ri­ver
  473. Swiftly the Night Ap­proach­es
  474. Take High­er Ground
  475. Tell Abroad the Go­spel Sto­ry
  476. Tell the Sto­ry of the Cross
  477. Tell the Sweet Sto­ry of Christ and His Love
  478. Tell to All the Won­drous Sto­ry
  479. That Bless­ed Day
  480. There Are Beau­ti­ful Man­sions
  481. There Are Beau­ti­ful Vi­sions
  482. There Are Frail Barks Afloat
  483. There Are Gold­en Sheaves
  484. There Are Hap­py Voic­es Sing­ing
  485. There Are Hours of Joy
  486. There Are Joys and Bles­sings Here
  487. There Are Mil­lions Now Who Have Ne­ver Heard
  488. There Are Scenes Whose Beau­ty
  489. There Is a Di­a­dem Un­fad­ing
  490. There Is a Gold­en Grain
  491. There Is a Home That Waits for Me
  492. There Is a Pro­mise Sweet
  493. There Is a Rest for the Peo­ple
  494. There Is Joy Among the An­gels
  495. There Is Joy for Thee
  496. There Is Joy, Ho­ly Joy, That En­dur­eth for Aye
  497. There Is Joy Un­known
  498. There Is Light Among Sha­dows
  499. There Is Much to Be Done in the Fields
  500. There Is One Safe Road
  501. There Is On­ly One Anch­or That Holds Se­cure
  502. There Is Rest for Your Soul
  503. There Is Rip­ened Grain for Us All to Reap
  504. There Is Work for Me to Do
  505. There Re­main­eth a Rest for the Peo­ple
  506. There Will Be a Bless­ed Morn­ing By and By
  507. There Will Be Gain for Each Bit­ter Loss
  508. There Will Be Light for the Spir­its
  509. There Will Be No Cold Ri­ver
  510. There Will Come a Day of Abound­ing Joy
  511. There’s a Beau­ti­ful Land
  512. There’s a Bless­ed Path
  513. There’s a Di­a­dem Un­fad­ing
  514. There’s a Friend of All
  515. There’s a Glo­ri­ous Ci­ty
  516. There’s a Glo­ri­ous Place I Shall Reach
  517. There’s a Glo­ri­ous Vic­to­ry for You
  518. There’s a Hap­py Gold­en Shore
  519. There’s a Hap­py, Sin­less Clime
  520. There’s a Hav­en of Safe­ty
  521. There’s a Ho­ly Brigh­tness
  522. There’s a Ho­ly Well
  523. There’s a Home for Me
  524. There’s a Love­ly Sum­mer­land
  525. There’s a Mess­age from Je­sus to Thee
  526. There’s a Ne­ver End­ing Day
  527. There’s a Path­way That Leads Thro’ the Val­ley of Life
  528. There’s a Place in the King­dom for You
  529. There’s a Place Where Ma­ny Man­sions
  530. There’s a Pre­cious Gift for You, My Bro­ther
  531. There’s a Ques­tion You Must An­swer
  532. There’s a Roy­al One Who Wait­eth
  533. There’s a Soul Cheer­ing Ra­di­ance Stream­ing
  534. There’s a Won­der­ful Book Where the An­gels Re­cord
  535. There’s a Won­drous Day Ap­proach­ing
  536. There’s an Eden Land
  537. There’s an Ev­er­last­ing Light Shin­ing
  538. There’s No Mu­sic So Sweet
  539. There’s No Other Friend
  540. There’s No Ref­uge but the Rock
  541. There’s On­ly One Friend
  542. There’s Some­thing That Ev­en Such Child­ren as We Can Do
  543. They Are Ga­ther­ing Over the Si­lent Stream
  544. They Are Pass­ing Away to the Beau­ti­ful Land
  545. They Are Wait­ing for Me o’er the Sha­dowy Sea
  546. This Thought with Thrill­ing Pow­er
  547. This World Is More Than a Bat­tle­field
  548. Those Who Are Washed in the Clean­sing Tide
  549. Thou Hast Gone from Us
  550. Though Far Thou Hast Wan­dered
  551. Though in Some Des­o­late Val­ley
  552. Though Our Way May Seem Drea­ry Be­fore Us
  553. Though the Soul Grows Faint and Wea­ry
  554. Though We Tread the Way to Hea­ven
  555. Though We’re Tent­ing Awhile
  556. Though World­ly Voic­es to You Call
  557. Thro’ Eter­ni­ty’s Night Rings a Mourn­ful Ref­rain
  558. Thro’ the Blood Once Shed for Me
  559. Throughout Our Broad, Be­lov­ed Land
  560. Thy Ten­der Voice I Hear
  561. Thy Voice Has Called Me Day by Day
  562. Time Is Filled with Swift Tran­si­tion
  563. ’Tis a Bless­ed As­sur­ance
  564. ’Tis Sweet to Know That Ev­ery Hour
  565. To the Em­blem­a­tic Tomb
  566. To the Sha­dow of the Cross
  567. Toil for God With­out Re­pin­ing
  568. Truly Wit­ness­ing for Je­sus
  569. Trust in the Sav­ior and Give Him Thy Heart
  570. Trusting in Je­sus Thro’ Life I Go
  571. Trusting in the Sav­ior
  572. Two Roads Lie Be­fore You, My Bro­ther
  573. Under Em­man­u­el’s Ban­ner Glad­ly We Fall in Line
  574. Under the Ban­ner of Je­sus
  575. Under the Ban­ner of Light and of Love
  576. Unto Thee I Come
  577. Unto Zi­on’s Love­ly Ci­ty
  578. Upon the Road to Jer­i­cho
  579. Vile and Sin­ful Tho’ I Be
  580. Voice of God Is Call­ing, The
  581. Voice of the Sav­ior Has Called, The
  582. Voices for Je­sus Are All
  583. Wafted Through the Heav­en­ly Por­tals
  584. Waiting for Us at the Beau­ti­ful Gates
  585. Waking with Je­sus, O Pre­cious
  586. Walking in the Path of Light
  587. Walking in White on the Heav­en­ly Shore
  588. Walking with Je­sus in New­ness
  589. Wanderers Are Com­ing Home, The
  590. Wandering Prod­i­gal, Wher­e’er Thou Art
  591. We All Must Stand in the Judg­ment Day
  592. We Are Build­ing on the Rock
  593. We Are Daily March­ing On­ward
  594. We Are Ex­iles Now from Home
  595. We Are Hap­py as We La­bor
  596. We Are in the Gos­pel Ar­my
  597. We Are Lit­tle Sail­ors
  598. We Are Lit­tle Sol­diers
  599. We Are Now in Life’s Fair Sum­mer
  600. We Are on the Win­ning Side While in Je­sus
  601. We Are On­ly Lit­tle Child­ren
  602. We Are On­ly Pil­grims Here
  603. We Are Pil­grims on the Road
  604. We Are Press­ing On­ward Day by Day
  605. We Are Sail­ing on a Deep
  606. We Are Sail­ing on an Ocean
  607. We Are Sol­diers of Right
  608. We Are Told of a Ci­ty Be­yond the Dark Ri­ver
  609. We Are Told of a Glo­ri­ous Ci­ty
  610. We Are Trav­el­ing to Our Home
  611. We Are Work­ing for the Mas­ter
  612. We Jour­ney to a Ci­ty Where All
  613. We Know Not Ful­ly What We Do
  614. We Look to Thee, O Sav­ior
  615. We Love the Ho­ly Bi­ble
  616. We Shall Meet Be­yond the Skies
  617. We Some­times Speak of a Sad, Still Hour
  618. We Will March Along
  619. We Will Set Up Our Ban­ners
  620. What Kind of Seed Are We Sow­ing?
  621. What Will You Do in the Sol­emn Day?
  622. Whatever Thy Grief or Thy Bur­den
  623. When All the Griefs of Time
  624. When, Be­fore God’s Throne
  625. When Ce­les­ti­al Light Is Beam­ing
  626. When Du­ty’s Path Your Feet Should Tread
  627. When Each Day’s Scenes and La­bors Close
  628. When Fall­eth the Shades of Ev­en­ing
  629. When For­mer Things Have Passed Away
  630. When I Have Reached the Pal­ace
  631. When I Heard My Sav­ior’s Voice
  632. When I’m Rest­ing by the Ri­ver
  633. When in Days Long Passed Away
  634. When Je­sus Dwelt upon Our Earth
  635. When Life’s Bil­lows Beat
  636. When Life’s Pil­grim­age Is End­ed
  637. When Life’s Sun for Aye Shall
  638. When Meet­ing with the Ma­ny Cares
  639. When Mem­o­ry with Mag­ic
  640. When My Day of Life Is End­ed
  641. When on Thy Spir­it Joy Ceas­es to Shine
  642. When Passed Are Tears and Laugh­ter
  643. When the Call Comes for Help
  644. When the Crowns of Life
  645. When the Day of Life Is Done
  646. When the Days Are Long
  647. When the Gloom of Night Sur­rounds You
  648. When the Har­vest Time Is Over
  649. When the Judg­ment Book
  650. When the Lav­ish Hand of Sum­mer
  651. When the Morn Is Break­ing
  652. When the Pear­ly Gates Swing
  653. When the Ran­somed Ga­ther
  654. When the Saints Have Ga­thered Home
  655. When the Sha­dows of Night Shall
  656. When This Earth­ly Life Is End­ed and Its Toil
  657. When We Come to Jor­dan’s Ri­ver
  658. When We Trust in the Lord
  659. When You Pass from This World
  660. When Your Day of Life Is O’er
  661. Where Beams the Light of Hea­ven’s Day
  662. Where Is Your Trea­sure Laid Up, Bro­ther?
  663. Where the Gold­en Grain Co­vers
  664. Where the Har­vest Fields Are Gleam­ing
  665. Where the Open Gates of Pearl
  666. Where the Stream of Life Is Flow­ing
  667. While Mid the Scenes of Time
  668. While Press­ing On­ward in the Way
  669. While the Bless­ed Songs of Zi­on
  670. While the Days Are Go­ing
  671. While We Lin­ger at the Cross
  672. Who Can Take Your Guilt Away?
  673. Why Are You Wait­ing Out of the King­dom?
  674. Wild Roll the Bil­lows on Sin’s Mighty Deep
  675. Will Joy or Grief Be Our Re­ward?
  676. Will My Name Be Found?
  677. Will You Come and Jour­ney with Us?
  678. Will You Come to Je­sus?
  679. Will You Labor for Je­sus?
  680. With a Sweet­er Mu­sic Gold­en Harps Are Ring­ing
  681. With Joy I’ll Tread the Nar­row
  682. With No Mer­it of My Own
  683. With Our Earth­ly Toil­ing Ended
  684. With Our Hearts Filled with Praise
  685. With the Door of Mer­cy Open
  686. Witness for Je­sus
  687. Wonderful Joy Wait­eth for Me
  688. Work for the Lord in His Har­vest Wide
  689. Work for the Lord To­day
  690. Work for the Mas­ter with Plea­sure
  691. Workers To­ge­ther for Je­sus Are We
  692. Wouldst Thou Be Se­cure?
  693. Ye Faith­ful Friends of Our No­ble Cause
  694. Years of Time Are Swift­ly Pass­ing
  695. Youthful, Hap­py Heart­ed Throng, A